What’s Your Home Improvement Personality?

Most people surveyed by the Home Projects Council identified as “the sensible improver,” a nuturing homeowner who embraces home improvement projects that create a warm and welcome environment.”

A new survey’s results suggest do-it-yourselfers likely have one of five “home improvement personalities.”

The Home Projects Council, a consortium of home improvement experts, surveyed 1,136 people and learned that DIYers likely identify with one of these groups:

  • The Sensible Improver: A nurturing homeowner who embraces home improvement projects that create a warm and welcome environment
  • The Project Planner: Takes a meticulous approach and thoroughly assesses every situation before committing to a home improvement project regardless of how big or small.
  • The Reliable Renovator: Takes a laid-back approach to home improvement and is most often moved to action when his or her home needs attention.
  • The Visionary: Has an appreciation and curiosity for novel ideas with boundless passion and enthusiasm for upgrading his or her family’s home.
  • The Extrovert: Takes pleasure in completing complex home improvement projects that make an impact to his or her home.

Download the infographic here to determine your home improvement personality and see whether it fits with others your age.

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  1. I really enjoy your show and are really please with some of the new ideas about home improvement projects. Ever since hurricane Katrina, I have been on the DIY platform. I ‘ve managed to tackle some projects like painting a room , changing a light fixture here and there. I’ve even took on the project of replacing a wooden floor that not only was damaged by the storm but was also attacked by termites. My wife (disabled) and I decided that we had to do something to try and save this old house from collapsing around us. So we took on one room at a time with redoing the soft and spongy wood floors in the house. Now it took us some where in the area of 3 years just to finish a lot of the projects and still be able to live in the place. Well all of the issues still exist with the termites but we are determined to complete these situations one way or the other and we could not do this without some of your helpful ideas and information!!!

    • James, thanks for watching the show and for taking the time to write! We sure do appreciate it. Best wishes with all your home improvement projects.


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