“Handy Hero” Beach Vacation Contest Winner!

People sitting in chairs under umbrella on beach on the Gulf Coast.

Congratulations to Leslie Brauen of Arcade, New York, for being chosen from over 1,100 entries as the winner of our 2015 Handy Hero Beach Vacation Contest, sponsored by Today’s Homeowner and Quikrete!

Winners Floyd and Leslie Brauen.
Winners Floyd and Leslie Brauen.

Leslie’s Handy Hero is her husband, Floyd, who, in addition to tackling home improvement projects for his family, has traveled to Peru to build a church and Kenya to build a school for orphans. Here is her winning essay:

Our Handy Hero is my husband of 28 years, Floyd. He has helped everyone in our family and outside the family with electric problems, remodeling, repairing, installation of lights, plumbing, heat, etc. He has been to Peru to help build a church, Kenya to build a school for orphans and promote a way to dig a water well in the same village. We have six children and twelve grandchildren and he has helped them all and at the same time has taught them to help themselves.

As the winner, Leslie and her husband will receive an all-expense paid trip for two to the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast, including airfare, accommodations, and $500 in cash to spend during their stay!

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  1. If anyone deserves this honor it is my niece Leslie and her husband Floyd. She failed to mention all of the other giving he accomplishes in the course of a week. He is a remarkable man.

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Brauen deserve this trip.
    I’m so impressed by this family.
    We need more people like them.
    Thank you for sharing their story with the rest
    if us!
    Martha Austin


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