QUIKRETE Concrete Cleaners

QUIKRETE concrete cleaners.

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Whether you are just cleaning your concrete surface/masonry wall or are preparing for a larger concrete staining project, QUIKRETE has the products you need, all for under $20 a gallon. Choose from one of the following to help with your project needs:

Cleaning concrete.QUIKRETE® Cleaner, Etcher & Degreaser is a surface preparation treatment for use prior to repairing, sealing or staining concrete, paver and masonry surfaces. It degreases, cleans oil stains and etches surfaces while significantly improving adhesion of coatings and repair materials.

QUIKRETE® Oil Stain Remover breaks down and lifts oil stains and grease from concrete and paver surfaces. This heavy duty cleaner is ideal for concrete garage floors and driveways. This product is low odor and solvent free.

QUIKRETE® Efflorescence & Rust Remover removes efflorescence salts, rust and hard-water deposits from horizontal and vertical concrete, pavers, brick, masonry and stucco surfaces. The water based formula requires no scrubbing and restores and enhances the natural color of the surface prior to the application of sealers.

Before using these products, make sure to sweep and remove all soil and debris from the surface. It is helpful to test the product out on a small sample to evaluate the effect before treating the entire area. Make sure to allow the product to work at least for one minute before rinsing with water.

For more in depth product information, visit Quikrete.com.


  1. Thanks for the great tips to refinish deck and patios ! Never thought I’d be doing home projects- my husband’s health is prohibiting his help, so I decided to learn – wow! Great advice – easy to follow even for me, w/no experience !
    Patty (Wheat ) Vanderpool

  2. I had a pipe slowly leaking in basement by wall. It left a dark stain on concrete from pipe to floor. What would be a good way to clean stain.

    Thanks for any help, Lou

    • Hi, Louis! Please provide more information so we can understand better. For instance, was solely water what leaked onto the concrete? Also, was the concrete painted a certain color?


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