Numerous reasons could get us in the sorry situation of trying to get stickers off the glass. It could be a new glass dish you just purchased with a stubborn label that has refused to come off easily. It could be because you tried to show loyalty to a brand by placing their sticker on your glass window and door. It could be just echoing your principles on your car windshield with the use of a label. 

Irrespective of the problematic sticker situation, we have some great tips below that will help you get out of the situation quickly and help you relieve the stress of worrying and trying out several methods without results. 

Note that stickers are different. Some labels will peel off easily from glass because they were made for use on glass surfaces, while some may be very challenging to get rid of. Start with the easy steps before moving on to complicated steps. 

How To Remove Stickers From Glass

How to Remove Stickers Tactics

How To Remove Stickers From Glass

In a sticky-sticker situation, the easiest and first thing you should try first is to soak the sticker in warm to hot water. This will help soften the adhesive and make the label more comfortable to remove. 

If it is not a small glass object, use a towel or cloth to apply hot water on the sticker and leave for some minutes. If this does not help, then it is time to move on to the tips we will be discussing in this piece. 

The three elements that form the basis of removing any stubborn sticker is scrubbing time, oil, and time. Oil or greasy solutions will help dissolve the sticker’s adhesive. Then you use an abrasive item to scrub off with some patience for scrubbing. Time is essential, as everything may not be exactly how you imagined it in the first try. You may need to give it a shot a couple of times. 

Ways To Remove Stickers from Glass Quickly

  • The Hair Dryer Method
How To Remove Stickers From Glass

The hair dryer uses the principle of heat application to get rid of the sticker on your glass surface. It is one of the quickest and easy-to-do methods of sticker removal.

Plugin your hairdryer, turn on the hot air, and blow directly on the sticker for a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on how stubborn the sticker is. Use your fingers to lift off the sticker and peel it off. If the label is not lifting off, continue to apply heat a few minutes at a time till the adhesive is completely dissolved. 

In the end, you should have the sticker off your glass window in no time.

  • Use of Washing Soda
How To Remove Stickers From Glass

This is one of the most widely used methods to get out of a sticky-sticker on glass situation. It is an excellent solution for small glass items like glass jars, glass bottles, glass dishes, amongst others. It allows you to remove stubborn stickers from multiple things at once.

Fill a large bowl or sink with water. Mix a cup of washing soda into the water and place your glass items in the water. Leave to soak for an hour or more, depending on how difficult the sticker situation is. 

After soaking for enough time, peel the sticker off with your hands or scrape off with a blunt knife, and the decal should come off easily.

  • The Coconut Oil and Baking Soda Method
How To Remove Stickers From Glass

The combination of coconut oil and baking soda is a potent combo that makes even the most stubborn sticker easy to remove from glass. The coconut oil helps to break down the sticker adhesives while the baking soda acts as an abrasive scrub that helps to get rid of the sticker.

Mix baking soda and coconut oil in moderate amounts till you get a paste with a medium consistency that’s not too thick. Spread the paste on the sticker and leave to soak in for an hour to an hour and half. Rub off with your fingers, and the decal should come off easily.

  • Use of Alcohol
How To Remove Stickers From Glass

 Another effective solution to stubborn sticky-stickers is Ethyl alcohol. Products that have an alcohol base will work effectively. These include nail polish, vodka, or nail polish. 

Soak a paper towel in any of the alcohol base products you decide to opt for and wrap on the sticker. Leave for an hour or more, depending on how stubborn the sticker is. After soaking, rub off with your fingers or sponge to get rid of the label.

  • Vinegar Use
How To Remove Stickers From Glass

White vinegar is another liquid solution that is effective for getting rid of stubborn stickers. Soak a clean cloth or dish-wash cloth in vinegar. Rub on the sticker and leave on the sticker surface to soak up for about thirty minutes or more. 

Rub off with the cloth, finger, or sponge, and the sticker should be very easy to remove at this point. Repeat the process if there are stubborn parts that refuse to come off with the first try.

  • Baby Oil
How To Remove Stickers From Glass

Gooey labels have nothing on you if you have a baby oil bottle in your home. Baby oil is like the magic ingredient that makes stickers very easy to get rid of. 

Apply some baby oil on the sticker and around it. Leave for some time for the label to soak up the oil, which allows the adhesive to dissolve. Rub the sticker off by using an abrasive cloth or sponge. 

  • The Lubricant Spray Method

A WD-40 aerosol lubricant spray may be all you need to get out of a sticky-sticker situation. This may not be easily accessible, but it works like a charm.

Spray the lubricant on the sticker and leave for some time. Liftoff the label with your finger and peel it off the surface of the glass. The sticker should slide right off. 

  • Window cleaners
How To Remove Stickers From Glass

Window cleaners are great for getting rid of stickers from glass surfaces. Spray Windex or other glass window cleaners on the label and around it. Leave to sit for some time so the sticker can soak up on the spray. Scrub off with a sponge, and the decal should come right off.

We have shared with you 8 different ways to get rid of stickers. If you wish to get more information on this topic then here is another DIY guide on how to remove stickers from glass.

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