Easy Ways to Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Cleaning your home’s exterior may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be when you work smarter, not harder, using these easy, time-saving tips and products.

Danny Lipford sprays Wet and Forget on his home and removes moss, mold and algae
Wet and Forget’s Xtreme Reach Hose End turns a big job into a small one.

1. Spray Away Mold and Mildew

Nobody enjoys scrubbing, rinsing, and climbing up and down ladders to clean their home’s exterior. And fortunately, you no longer have to do those things!  

Wet & Forget’s Xtreme Reach Hose End is DIY-friendly and turns a big job into a small one. Just hook the nozzle up to your garden hose — it’ll let you spray up to 30 feet and just one bottle treats up to 2,000 square feet of surface in minutes.

The Wet & Forget formula removes moss, mold, mildew and algae stains over time — with no bleach, no scrubbing, no rinsing and no ladders.

Best of all? Wet & Forget works long after you’ve applied it, so your house stays clean for up to a year from just one treatment.

Learn more about Wet & Forget and its indoor and outdoor cleaning solutions at wetandforget.com.

Hand, clutching a ball of newspaper, scrubbing the window
Use newspaper to wash your windows. It won’t leave unsightly fibers behind.

2. Wash Windows at Record Speed

Many homeowners dread washing windows because it takes a lot of time and energy — and that frustration multiplies with the number of windows.

That’s because many people think of window washing as a one-person job, and they use the wrong products. But there’s a better way.

First, grab a family member to wash outside each window while you wash the inside. Teamwork makes the job efficient and fun. (You can even play ‘mirror’ and make funny faces at your cleaning partner, turning the chore into a game!)  

Next, mix vinegar with warm water, 50-50, to clean the window glass, and wipe it down with newspaper. Using natural products, not chemicals, is great for the environment and easy on your lungs, and the newspaper won’t leave behind tiny fibers like paper towels would.

Man washes window screens with a wet sponge in hand
Cleaning window screens takes so much time — unless you vacuum them!

3. Vacuum Your Window Screens

Cleaning window glass is just one part of cleaning your windows. Window screens trap dust, dirt and pollen, so it’s important to clean them at least once a year.

Now, you could remove the screens, wash them with a hose, rinse them down and leave them out to dry. But that takes way too much time and work.

Try this instead: Remove the screen from each window and use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristle upholstery brush attachment.

Seconds of work are all it takes for a routine cleanup — of, course, you can always give screens a more thorough cleaning every four to five years using that garden hose.

Watch: Cleaning Window Screens with a Vacuum Cleaner

Outdoor light fixture, installed at front entrance
Dirty light fixtures leave the wrong first impression — now, you can clean them without much work.

4. Clean Outdoor Light Fixtures Fast

Your home can have lots of charm and curb appeal, but a dirty light fixture can leave the wrong first impression.

Cleaning the glass panes inside exterior light fixtures can be difficult, but there’s a way to make the job easier.

Glass cleaner, paper towels, and two foam paintbrushes with a width that fits your outdoor light fixture are all you need.

Watch: How to Clean Glass on Outdoor Light Fixtures

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