Choosing among an extensive range of surfactant options can be overwhelming at first. And in your process of finding the best surfactant choice for your home exterior cleaning needs, you might have already come across Elemonator, which has gained quite the name as a great surfactant in both residential and commercial applications today.


In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the fundamental aspects you need to carefully consider to see if this product suits your preference and needs and help you make an informed buying decision.

What is Elemonator?

Elemonator is a liquid multipurpose cleaner or house wash surfactant product manufactured and distributed by Pressure Tek, which is a supplier and online store for pressure washing and exterior cleaning needs.

Pressure Tek offers products, including cleaning chemicals, pressure washers & parts, soft wash systems & parts, nozzles & injectors, hose & connections, and spray guns & wands.

Elemonator with Chlora Boost is a surfactant, also referred to as a surface-active agent, which helps stir up activity by creating suds to remove and rinse the trapped dirt or soil on the surface.

Just a quick summary—so how does a surfactant work?

A surfactant contains a hydrophilic head (water-loving) and a hydrophobic tail (water-hating). When combined with water to form a cleaning formulation, the hydrophilic head is drawn to the water while the hydrophobic tail tries to escape from the water by moving closer to the surface. 

When also added to water, both parts form structures called micelles that work as a unit to remove dirt or soils. The hydrophobic tails attract the surrounded soils and trap them, while the hydrophilic heads suspend the soils in the water and into the cleaning solution. It makes cleaning and rinsing easier because there’s no need for scrubbing.

Furthermore, Elemonator has great foaming and rinsing properties that eliminate or reduce the tension between the water and whatever surface you want to clean. It has chemicals that help boost the pH level of bleach and the alkalinity of sodium hypochlorite or bleach, making the solution bleach stable.

Moreover, it is a soft washing and pressure washing soap that also has a nice cover scent of lemon that masks the smell of bleach well.

How Much Does an Elemonator Cost?

You can only buy Elemonator through their online store or website. The price for 1 gallon is $26.35, and for a 5 gallon Elemonator, it costs about $102.56.

Just so you know, Elemonator is no longer available or can no longer be purchased/used in the State of California due to changes in legislation.

Where to Use an Elemonator?

Elemonator can be used for cleaning in different applications, including downstream, pressure washing, or soft washing. Examples of pressure washing surfaces you can apply to include home and commercial exteriors, industrial areas, sidewalks, parking garages, plazas, lots, driveways, walkways, awnings, outdoor patios, decks, courtyards, and loading docks, among others.

You can also use Elemonator for soft washing and it includes surfaces that are hard to clean but would be damaged when exposed to high pressure such as roof, shingles, wood paneling, siding, windows, screens, concrete, ceramic tile, brick, stone, aluminum, steel, vinyl, and wood.

How to Use an Elemonator?

The standard measurement recommended by Pressure Tek when mixing Elemonator with sodium hypochlorite and water during the downstreaming process is 1 oz per amount of gallon that you have in your mix.

So, for example, if you’re making a batch mix, you will have to mix a 5 oz Elemonator with 3 gallons of Sodium Hypochlorite (SH) or bleach and 2 gallons of water. For a 12 oz Elemonator, you have to mix it with 6 gallons of water and 6 gallons of Sodium Hypochlorite (SH) or bleach as well.

If you’re going to use Elemonator for downstreaming, you have to figure out the draw ratio by doing a draw test first.

The first step is to take a one-gallon jug and fill it with water. Remember not to fill it with any chemicals yet since you’re still conducting a draw test to avoid wasting chemicals. Once it’s filled with water, put your drop stick in it and put a soaper tip or J ROD nozzle on the end of your gun.

Next is to start your machine, get a bucket that has some graduations or measurements on it, and then stick your gun into the bucket, running it full speed until the one-gallon jug is emptied. Once it’s empty, see how much you’ve got in your bucket. This test will tell you your chemical to water ratio. 

Remember to keep this ratio in mind for the downstreaming solution to ensure a good mix you can use for pressure washing, soft washing, and the house washing project you’re going to do.

Care and Handling

While using Elemonator, though it’s non-hazardous, it’s also important to know the proper handling and storage practices. Always read the instruction manual given to you by Pressure Tek on the relevant MSDS precautionary information before using this product.

Before using it, always wear chemical goggles or a face shield and resistant gloves when handling. Also, adequate ventilation is necessary. As for first aid, promptly flush eyes with large amounts of water upon contact with eyes, or if you accidentally ingested it, promptly drink large quantities of water.

Final Thoughts

Having a good surfactant to use for your pressure and soft washing needs is essential because it will help lower the surface tension of water, making cleaning and rinsing easier.

If you plan on cleaning any part of your house’s exterior areas—whether it is the garage, outdoor patio, or deck, Elemenator is an incredible choice of surfactant brand to use for house washing. You can also use it for different applications, including pressure and soft washing.

Aside from its great foaming and rinsing properties that eliminate dirt, algae, or soil, it’s also bleach stable and has a pleasant cover lemon scent of lemon that masks the smell of bleach.

Use the following information above as your guide when considering if Elemonator is suitable for you.

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