If you own an apartment complex, you know how hard it can be to keep things looking great. There’s plenty of surface area to cover when it comes to pressure washing your buildings and walkways. 

You can expect to pay on average $173 to $311, with most people hiring pros for $211. Expect to pay $0.35 to $0.77 on average per sq ft. However, this varies greatly depending on the service provider.

In this article, we will cover the factors that affect pressure washing prices and the reasons why you should clean your apartment with it. Let’s begin.

What Affects Pressure Washing Prices?

As with any cleaning service, several factors affect the pricing for pressure washing. You’ll need to consider everything from the equipment and supplies to labor costs. Here’s what you need to know.

Site Coverage And Area  

The area you want to be cleaned can affect pressure washing prices. Generally, larger areas require more equipment and more time, which could drive up costs. 

However, one large piece of equipment may cover a large space very quickly in some cases. So, it’s worth checking if such a machine is available and calculating if it would lower your overall cost.

Pricing Method

Some companies price their services by volume; others charge a flat rate. Although volume pricing tends to be cheaper on a per-square-foot basis, 

Remember, it can quickly lead to overspending if you don’t know how much area you need to be cleaned. 

If your complex is small, make sure your pressure washing provider uses an hourly rate or quotes prices by project instead of by square footage.

Work Timeframe

How long will it take your pressure washing service provider to complete their work? The more time workers spend on-site, the more they’ll charge. This has a lot to do with the size of your property so smaller spaces will definitely be cheaper to clean.

That said, if you pay a fixed price, be sure you understand what constitutes a full day (for example, 8 hours). A good thing to do is to get a few quotations  to find one that matches your budget.

Understanding how hourly pay works lets you avoid charging for hours your provider spends traveling between locations or performing other tasks.

Reasons Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Apartment Complex

First impressions matter when it comes to apartment living. Many potential renters might decide not to rent from you because your property is dirty. 

Below are reasons why you should pressure wash your apartment complex.

It Helps Keep And Attract New Tenants  

Nobody wants to live in a dirty apartment complex. Prospective tenants will avoid your property if it looks like you don’t keep up on maintenance. Whether they decide not to rent from you or not, they will spread negative input about how your complex is run and how poorly it is maintained. 

You can do yourself a favor by prioritizing pressure washing your apartment complex.

It Saves You From Possible City Fine And Landlord Liabilities  

If your city has rules and regulations on apartment complexes, there is a good chance that you will be fined if you fail to maintain your property. There is a possibility that you could even lose your license as a landlord, which will mean financial disaster for you.

With all of these consequences, it makes sense to spend money now to save yourself from potential headaches later.

Increase Property Lifespan And Value 

One of the benefits of pressure washing is prolonging your property’s lifespan. A well-maintained building will also be more attractive. This can give you more time to make money before having to put your apartment complex on sale or renovation.

Minimized Repair Expenses

It may not be fun to think about, but repairs are inevitable in apartment complexes. If a leak starts in your property, it can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage if you don’t address it quickly. 

The last thing you want is for something small like a leak or mildew issue to escalate into bigger problems down the road. Remember, prevention is always better than needing repairs.

Maintained Sanitation Means Maintained Health For tenants.

Your tenants’ health is important, which is why keeping your complex sanitary and well-maintained should be one of your priorities. With regular pressure washing, you can remove germs and bacteria residing on your property.

Invest In Pressure Washing Your Apartment 

If you want to keep your apartment nice and neat, hiring a professional pressure washing service provider is one way to do that. Indeed, the costs can be quite expensive but well worth it in the long run for keeping tenants healthy and happy! If you found this article informative, share it to your friends and leave a comment.

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