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Flooded house, seen outside, after the storm, with furniture and water-damaged items removed from the home

Flooded House: How to Recover After a Storm

A flooded house causes anxiety, but you need to get to work right after the storm. Watch Danny Lipford's tips on how to minimize damage and salvage items.
Hurricane season

10 Hurricane Facts: Debunking the Most Popular Myths

Know the facts about hurricanes — that way, you can make informed decisions to protect your family before, during and after the storm. Here are the myths.
Water-damaged room, seen during cleanup, following Hurricane Katrina in 2005

Water Damage Cleanup: What to Save and Toss After a Hurricane

Hurricanes bring devastating winds, rainfall and floodwater. While you're tackling water damage cleanup, here's our guide on what to keep (and toss)!
Flood Road

Flood Damage 101: How to Protect Your Home

Flood damage can lead to serious mold problems in your home. Here's what you can do about mold — and when you need professional help.
Repairing a burst pipe after a flood

What You Should Do After a Basement Floods

Repairing a home after a flood can be a costly and extensive job.
Flood-damaged house

4 Tips to Reduce Water Damage in a Flood Zone

If you live in a flood zone, take these steps to reduce your risk of water damage.

A Severe Storm is Coming — Follow These Food Safety Tips

You can never be too safe when any natural disaster is headed your way. Read more about food safety tips and how you can help stay safe.
Moldy House

4 Tips to Deal with Mold After a Hurricane

Mold is one of the unpleasant, and unhealthy, side effects of storm damage. If your home has mold, follow these tips.

How to Prepare for Severe Weather at Last Minute

Here are some tips for last minute hurricane preparation to keep you, your family, and your home safe.