Hurricane Supply List: Stock Up on These Items [Printable]

Hurricane preparation to-do list, as seen on a clipboard
The time to prepare for a hurricane is now, not later. (©Roger –

Preparing a hurricane supply list is the first step in planning for a natural disaster that could leave you without power and other vital resources for days.

And it couldn’t be more important. After all, when severe weather hits, you can’t take anything for granted.

Printable To-Do List

Stacks of bottled water
Assume that grocery stores won’t be open right after a hurricane, or that demand will be too high, and stock up on bottled water now. (Jshanebutt / DepositPhotos)

Natural Disasters: Dangerous and Unpredictable

You never know if a bank or gas station will be open just after severe weather passes, so the best thing you can do is to plan for the worst (that they won’t be open).

That means you’ll need plenty of cash and plenty of filled-up gas cans to get you where you need to go. So head to the ATM and home center now, not later, to secure these resources.

You’ll also need food and bottled water to help stay calm and nourished when external supplies are scarce. And remember, grocery stores have no obligation to stay open during or immediately after a hurricane.

These stores’ employees also need to shelter in place or evacuate. That’s why it’s important to always assume the store will be closed, and stock up on household staples right now.

And if you didn’t think about that tip before, download our Hurricane Supply List to make sure you’re well prepared for a hurricane!

Hurricane preparation items, including a cell phone and various other items
Always keep a cell phone charged and ready for use during and after a hurricane. (©photka –

The Importance of Communication and Information

Hurricanes are unpredictable — so is how they will affect work and school schedules.

It’s important to stay connected to the news and stay on top of weather updates, so you’ll know how the storm is progressing and which roads, businesses and schools will be closed. To do that, you need to keep a battery-powered radio.

Communication with family and friends also is essential during natural disasters. Keep a fully charged cell phone on hand so you can call loved ones to let them know you’re OK, and to check up on anyone caught up in the storm, or secure resources in the storm’s aftermath.

Then there are supplies you’ll need to protect your home, like duct tape and rope, plywood to cover windows, and tarps to cover roofs.

This may seem like a lot to keep track of, but don’t worry. We’ve taken the guesswork out of hurricane preparedness so you can focus on what matters most: preparing supplies.

Download our Hurricane Preparedness Supply Checklist so you have everything you need!


  1. I have a enforced hurricane double garage door but recently I saw someone with wood to enforce the frame of the door. I would like to have more information on this.


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