Snow rakes prevent ice dams and keep your roof structurally sound. (

If you live in an area with frequent winter storms and don’t have a steep roof, it’s crucial to have a snow rake.

This tool has a wide blade attached to a long pole to remove snow from the edges of your roofline. 

The poles and blades come in varying lengths, so you can buy what works best for your roof’s size and height. 

Icicles hanging from the edge of a residential roof
Ice dams cause some of nature’s most beautiful sights — icicles — but they also wreak havoc on your home. (DepositPhotos)

Why Built-Up Snow is a Hazard

If you don’t rake the snow from your roof, it not only strains the structure of your home but also starts a chain reaction leading to a bigger problem in the future. 

Ice dams form when the bottom layer of snow on your roof begins to melt and drip down to the edge of your roof into the eaves. Once the melted snow accumulates, it will freeze again in the eaves, the area of the roof that is coldest, because it’s farther away from insulation. 

An ice dam will then form. And once it’s formed, ice will continue to form up onto your roof and could work its way under the shingles. When the weather warms up, that melted ice under the shingles will leak into your house.

How to Use a Snow Rake

Now that you understand the importance of raking rooftop snow, let’s talk about how to use a snow rake.

First, you need to buy the right snow rake for your roof. Measure the height from the ground to the edge of your roof.

To prevent ice dams, you’ll need to rake at least 4 feet from the edge of your roof, so you’ll want to add about 4 to 6 extra feet to that measurement.

From the ground, find a place where you can safely rake the snow off the roof. Never climb onto your roof to rake snow.

Finally, be careful to not drag the rake too hard, because you can pull up shingles and damage your roof.

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