Are you not sure which collection should you choose between the ProLine 450 Series and Lifestyle Series?

For first-time homeowners, that is just natural. There are now hundreds of options available today for you to choose from. And choosing which brand of window and door patio is not easy as they all claim to have the best products in the industry. 

ProLine 450 Series and Lifestyle Series are two among the many window and patio door collections by Pella. Both lines are built using quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. The two window and door patio lines almost share the same features as well.

Still, they are two separate products designed for different situations. That said, keep reading to learn more and see which one might be best for your home.

    All About Pella ProLine 450 and Lifestyle Series

    ProLine 450 and Lifestyle are two separate window collections developed by Pella—one of the trusted and leading window and door manufacturers in the United States. The company was established in the early 1900s and for almost 10 decades, it is recognized as the leader in technology and product innovation and has been awarded over 100 design and product patents. 

    Pella offers six collections of window and door structures, including our featured products, Proline 450 and Lifestyle. 

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    With that being said, how do these two differ from one another?

    Pella ProLine 450 Series Overview

    Pella Proline 450 Series, originally known as Pella ProLine, is a collection of high-quality window and patio doors at a competitive price. Built with Pella’s most popular features that are used only for its collection of premium wood windows, the products come with aesthetically pleasing as well as durable wood interior and exterior. Its exterior material, for example, uses a specialized aluminum cladding called “EnduraClad,” while the interior is sealed with EnduraGuard wood protection.

    Pella ProLine 450 Series also comes in different colors of hardware finishes, prefinished pine interiors, and aluminum-clad exteriors.


    Both windows and doors are low maintenance and are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and shapes too.

    ProLine 450 features InsulShield energy-efficient window glass too. It uses a unique low-E technology that provides balanced insulation for both winter and summer seasons.

    What makes it unique?

    • It comes with a specialized aluminum cladding called EnduraClad
    • The interior is sealed using EnduraGuard wood protection
    • It is energy-efficient

    Pella Lifestyle Series Overview

    The Lifestyle Series, on the other hand, is Pella’s most popular and best-performing collection of wood windows and patio doors. The products are designed with utmost consideration in order to deliver quality performance as well as to create solutions depending on the type of room using innovative technologies. 

    Pella’s Lifestyle Series are available in a variety of natural color finishes for both exterior and interior. It offers a wide range of options for hardware, grille patterns, as well as integrated blinds and shades. Both windows and patio doors are designed with style flexibility in mind. It means homeowners can modify the products according to their preferences to match the house’s interior. 

    The Lifestyle Series is also built to block outside noises and keep inside noises in for a more comfortable and intimate home.


    The products are guaranteed energy-efficient as well. In fact, the collection was recognized as the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified product last 2020. 

    But what makes the series stand out from other Pella window and patio door collections is that it uses the latest technologies to improve its performance further.

    Here are a few more reasons why you should choose it:

    • Reduces noise by cancelling an estimated 52% more indoor as well as outdoor noise compared to window brands that use standard single-pane windows. 
    • Allows integration of blinds and shades for improved security and privacy.

    Pella ProLine and Lifestyle Side-by-side Comparison


    The durability of a window and a patio door is dependent on a variety of factors.

    The type of material, the quality of material and workmanship, installation, local weather, as well as maintenance, all these things contribute to the product’s life expectancy.

    With that being said, Pella guarantees that all its windows and patio doors are built using quality materials and exceptional workmanship. Both ProLine 450 Series and Lifestyle Series, for example, come with protective features (which I will elaborate on further in the next section) called EnduraGuard and EnduraClad. 

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    But in general, windows and patio doors made from wood last up to 30 years. And it can go higher if properly taken care of.


    Pella uses wood, vinyl, and fiberglass in all of its window and patio door wood collections. And for ProLine 450 Series and Lifestyle Series, Pella uses wood.

    Wood—whether it is a standard or a premium type of timber—has a bad reputation in terms of durability and longevity since it is naturally porous and rots rapidly if not properly treated and maintained. But that is not the case with Pella’s wood window and door patio.

    Here’s why:

    • EnduraGuard. Pella developed a solution called EnduraGuard. It is a wood sealant that protects the wood and prevents mold and mildew buildup, which often causes wood rot. The application of EnduraGuard also helps fend off termite damage, stains, and even discolorotaion.
    • EnduraClad. To further protect the wood, Pella developed a cladding technology called EnduraClad. It is a low-maintenance exterior finish that helps prevent window and patio doors from damaging elements. It is also resistant to chalking and fading. 
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    Pella ProLine 450 Series and Lifestyle Series are available in different styles and designs. For windows, the company offers a total of nine styles, namely the double-hung, sliding, casement, single-hung, bow, awning, bay, custom, specialty, and special shape windows. For patio doors, Pella offers bifold, siding, hinged (French), and multi-side with fiberglass, wood, and steel entry doors. 

    Moreover, all products under both collections come in factory-prefinished pine interiors that are guaranteed high quality. In fact, the finish can help get rid of drips, odor, and even runs. Pella’s offers eight stain colors, including white, golden oak, and provincial stains. 

    The same goes with the aluminum cladding which Pella claims to prevent fading and improve the material’s durability. You can choose from a separate 10 stain palette, including black, white, and brick red.

    Privacy and Security

    But apart from aesthetics, Pella ProLine 450 and Lifestyle Series is also designed with utmost functionality in mind. Here’s how:

    • Noise reduction. Pella, contrary to other window and door brands, uses multiple glass panes. The Lifestyle Series, for example, comes with triple-pane glass as means to reduce or completely block outside noise and, at the same time, keep inside noise in. Using multiple glass panes can cancel an estimated 52% of more indoor and outdoor noise, unlike with single-pane windows. In fact, its Sound Package was awarded Quiet Mark Certification as a recognition of its great acoustic performance. Pella ProLine 450 Series also offer glass options with such a feature.
    • Integration of blinds and security sensors. Another great feature of the Lifestyle Series is its ability to integrate innovative technology. Its windows and doors are designed for blind and shade integration. Essentially. The window covers—which are available in both manual and motorized form—are installed by tucking them between the panes.

    Aside from that, Pella gives homeowners the option to add security sensors. These are wireless sensors that can be monitored through Pella’s Insynctive App.  

    Unfortunately, ProLine 450 Series does not offer the said privacy and security features. 


    Pella Lifestyle and ProLine 450 Series are designed to help homeowners save energy. Each collection comes with an exceptional energy-efficient feature to make homes comfortable. And unlike other window and door manufacturers, Pella uses two-pane glass which naturally creates an air chamber and further enhances the material’s energy efficiency. 

    Pella developed a material called InsulShield, a specialized Low-E Glass designed for a particular weather situation and is available in both ProLine 450 Series and Lifestyle Series. 

    InsulShield is available in four different types and each glass is designed differently. For instance, if you are situated in an area with extremely hot weather, InsulShiled SunDefense is the most suitable glass type you should for your window or door. But if you are somewhere with extremely low temperatures such as Northern US and Canada, InsulShield NaturalSun is the best choice.


    Pella’s window and patio door structures are generally cheaper compared to other brands. The price may vary depending on the type of material, style, as well as features too. But on average, Pella’s windows and patio doors cost around $700 to $1,000, including installation.


    ProLine 450 Series offer 20/10 Limited Warranty while Lifetyle Series offer Limited Lifetime Warranty. Here’s how they differ:

    Pella offers a transferrable 10-year limited warranty for non-glass materials and workmanship, which includes products under Pella’s ProLine 450 Series. The policy makes Pella liable for compensation if, during within the 10-year period, a non-glass part of a window or patio door has a defect. Pella will then either fix/replace the defective part or offer refund with the original full price.

    This warranty is applicable to homeowners who bought wood window and patio door on or after the 10th of February last 2017. Basically, the warranty implies that homeowners of a single-family residence can get compensation for wood deterioration, as well as damages on aluminum claddings and non-laminated insulating glass.

    Final Showdown

    ProLine 450 Series and Lifestyle Series are both great products that deliver exceptional performance. And choosing which is better would depend on several aspects such as the typical weather in the area where your house is situated or where you plan to use and place it. 

    ProLine 450 Series, for example, is great to use in all areas of the house. Be it in the living room, kitchen, or your and your kids’ room. It is best for houses located in the countryside too, where houses are mostly meters apart. Lifestyle Series, on the other hand, is best to use in the living room and bedroom. It is great too if you are living in an apartment or condo-style house located in the city as the windows offer a noise-reducing feature as well as privacy and security integrations. 

    All in all, choosing between the two collections depends on what you, as a homeowner, need.

    We also conducted a detailed Pella ProLine and Architect Series comparison. Discover the key differences, advantages, and features of these two renowned window series to make an informed decision for your home improvement project. Check it out!

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