Both Kolbe and Marvin Windows feature durable and energy-efficient windows that offer hurricane impact windows lines, ideal for coastal areas exposed to extreme weather conditions. And if you’re planning to remodel your windows, you might have come across these two window brands.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive analysis of everything you need to know about these two brands to help you make an informed buying decision. Read on if you want to know which one is better—Kolbe Windows or Marvin Windows!

Kolbe Windows Overview

Kolbe Windows & Doors was founded in 1946 by Herb & Ervin Kolbe and started as a building and repairing window and door frames. Today, the company manufactures high-quality custom-made windows and doors available for residential and commercial markets. 

Kolbe Windows & Doors offers premium quality windows available in five window types, including Casement Windows, Awning Windows, Double Hung Windows, Sliding Windows, and Specialty Windows. Their Casement windows come in three styles: Crank-out, Push-out, and Inswing, and their Awning Windows come in two styles, including Crank-out and Push-out.

Kolbe’s Double Hung Windows are available in four styles, namely Sterling, Traditional, Old World Classic, and Replacement Double Hung Windows, and their Sliding Windows are available in four styles: Single, Double, Triple, and Quad. Kolbe’s Specialty Windows come in seven style options: Corner, Direct Sets, Folding, Radius, Geometrics, Tilt-turns, and Hoppers. 

Moreover, Kolbe also features four innovative product lines, including Ultra Series, VistaLuxe® Collection, Forgent® Series, and Heritage Series. Kolbe Windows are crafted from a wide selection of wood species, including Pine, Maple, Knotty Alder, Vertical Grain Fir, Spanish Cedar, Cherry, Alder, Mixed Grain Fir, Oak, White Oak, Mahogany, Sapele, and Walnut. 

The available interior stains include Double Clear Coat, Wheat, Red Wheat, Light Oak, Spiced Walnut, Sunset Oak, Chestnut, Cherry, Library Red, Coffee Bean, and Ebony, while the available interior paints are Ultra Pure White, Bright White, Abalone, Silk, Ivory Tusk, Natural Cotton, Misty Gray, Graystone, and Coal Black. 

The available exterior color options are Ultra Pure White, White, Cloud, Abalone, Alabaster, Camel, Mudpie, Nutmeg, Khaki, Sahara, Beige, Natural Cotton, Spiced Vinegar, Gingersnap, Truffle, Bronze, Rustic, Shadow, Shale, Smokestack, Onyx, Coal Black, Midnight, Steel Gray, Slate, Castlerock, Timberwolf, Corbeau, Sapphire, Coastal Storm, Anchor Gray, Lunar, Emerald Isle, and Mediterranean.

The other colors are Cider, Copper Canyon, Maize, Green Tea Leaf, Basil, Hartford Green, Mystic Ivy, Papaya, Roma, and Chutney. They also offer Mica colors: Galaxy Silver, Silverstorm, Cosmic Gray, and Night Sky, and Adonized finish are Clear, Champagne, Dark Bronze, and Black.

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Marvin Windows Overview

Marvin Timber & Cedar Company was founded in 1912 by George G. Marvin. It started as a family-owned cedar and lumber company located in Warroad, Minnesota.

Today, the company is now called Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company, and it manufactures new construction and replacement windows and doors, which come in 10 window types: Awning, Single-Hung, Double-Hung, Bay & Bow, Sliding, Casement, Picture, Picture Specialty Shapes, Corner, and Storefront Windows.

Marvin Windows features three collections: Marvin Signature, Marvin Elevate, and Marvin Essential. Marvin Signature Collection has three available product lines, including Ultimate, Modern, and Coastline.

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Kolbe Windows vs Marvin Windows: Comparison

The standard price of Kolbe Windows products ranges from $350 to $1000. It includes the window materials, labor, and installation costs. For the most accurate window pricing, you can get it through their authorized local distributors. 

You can go to Kolbe’s website to find the nearest location where you can purchase their products and ask them for information regarding their prices. 

In general, the average industry price of Marvin Windows ranges from $900 to $1600 per window. It includes the window materials, installation, third-party contractor, and labor costs.

The price ranges from $1400 to $1500 for the Marvin Signature Window Collection, while the cost of the Marvin Elevate Collection ranges from $1100 to 1200. For the Marvin Essential Collection, the window products range from $900 to $1050. 

You can also get the most accurate price of Marvin Windows by contacting a Marvin Window authorized local dealer. You can also request a project estimate of the new construction, replacement, or remodel window by checking Marvin’s website and finding the nearest expert in your area.

Kolbe offers warranty coverage of 20 years for insulated glass integrated with stainless steel spaces and 10 years for insulating glass with aluminum spacer from the date of shipment.

Kolbe provides ten years of warranty coverage from the shipment date for the non-glass parts and specific components designed for coastal environments or products installed within one mile of any saltwater source.

For the laminated glass and wood products, Kolbe provides warranty coverage of five years against any damages from the shipment date.

Marvin Windows offer a Limited Warranty to all Marvin Collections and product lines, and the warranty is transferable and applies to the original owner where the Marvin products are installed. 

The Limited Warranty applies for a coverage of 10 years for non-glass components and hardware products, while it offers 20 years of warranty coverage for the standard exterior aluminum cladding finish. Moreover, the Limited Warranty provides five-year warranty coverage to ensure windows are free from any finish defects.

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Kolbe’s VistaLuxe® WD subline features an extruded aluminum exterior that enhances the durability of the window products. The Ultra series also features an extruded aluminum exterior that provides durability and strength for the products. It also comes in impact-certified windows that can withstand hurricane impacts, making them an ideal window choice for coastal areas. 

Kolbe’s Forgent Series Windows feature Glastra®, a hybrid of UV stable polymer and fiberglass material that enhances the durability and strength of the exterior and interior wood products. They also have a welded frame and sash that prevents water and air infiltration.

Marvin Windows has engineered hurricane impact windows that can withstand weather conditions and flying debris caused by high winds. They can also withstand distorting and swelling and distorting by exposure to extreme humidity and temperature and humidity.

Moreover, Marvin Windows features high-density, proprietary fiberglass with a frame design that can withstand harsh elements and is eight times stronger than other window materials, making their windows durable and sturdy. Their windows are also resistant to fading, cracking, peeling, and chalking.

Kolbe’s VistaLuxe AL LINE offers thermally broken window products that enhance energy efficiency and energy performance. The insulator material prevents heat from leaving the house by allowing it to travel from the interior to the exterior instead through an insulator material where the window frame metal parts are connected. 

The Forgent Series Windows are made of recyclable Glastra material, making their window products energy-efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, Kolbe Windows are also Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) certified, meaning they are qualified and have met the standards and quality assurance system for the energy-efficiency of the window products.

Marvin Windows features energy-efficient windows with Low-E coatings that inhibit the ultraviolet rays from entering while allowing natural light to pass through. They also feature ENERGY STAR certified windows that have been tested and qualified in minimizing environmental impact.

Moreover, Marvin Windows also helps reduce heating and cooling costs, energy consumption, and heat transfer while keeping the house comfortable and safe.

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Kolbe Windows vs Marvin Windows: Final Showdown

Both Kolbe Windows and Marvin Windows feature hurricane impact windows ideal for coastal environments, but if you’re aiming for high-performance and energy-efficient windows with various product lines and design options at a much affordable cost, Kolbe Windows can provide that for you.

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