Choosing among a wide selection of air conditioner brands can be quite overwhelming if you’re planning to add or improve your HVAC system at home.

In your process of finding the best AC product, you might’ve come across Tempstar® and Carrier—two well-known providers of high-quality air conditioner units in commercial and residential applications.

But which one is better, Tempstar® or Carrier? Let’s compare both in detail!

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive analysis of everything you need to know about these two brands to help you make an informed buying decision.

    Tempstar® Air Conditioners Overview

    In the early 1980s, Tempstar® was first introduced as a brand, providing commercial and residential HVAC systems, services, and solutions.

    The company is manufactured and owned by International Comfort Products Corporation (ICP), which is under the same umbrella company, United Technologies Corp., a subsidiary of Carrier Global Corp. The company provides high-end and efficient Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, products, services, and solutions.


    These solutions include air conditioners, heat pumps, oil furnaces, ductless systems, gas furnaces, air purifiers, air scrubbers, fan coils, geothermal, evaporator coils, and thermostats.

    Tempstar® offers premium and economical air conditioner unit series categorized into two: Ion™ System Air Conditioners and Performance Series.

    • High Energy Efficiency Rating
    • Quiet Operation
    • Affordable
    • Durable

    Carrier Air Conditioners Overview

    In 1915, Carrier was founded by Willis Carrier in Newark, New Jersey, the person to have developed the first modern air conditioning system.

    In 1955, Carrier was merged with Affiliated Gas Equipment, Inc., and became a subsidiary in 1979 of United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

    Carrier then became an independent company in 2022, 41 years later.

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    The company is a manufacturer and provider of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, refrigeration solutions, and energy services for commercial and residential applications.

    The company offers top-quality heating and cooling products, including air conditioners, thermostats, smart thermostats, furnaces, ductless systems, traditional thermostats, air monitors, air purifiers, humidifiers, and many more.

    Carrier provides three air conditioner product lines: Infinity® system, Performance™ Series, and Comfort™ Series.

    • Great Energy Efficiency Ratings
    • Wide Selection of Products
    • Durable
    • Quiet Operation

    For more information on these air conditioners, read our Carrier air conditioners review.

    Tempstar® vs Carrier: Comparison

    Tempstar® offers a wide array of SEER and EER cooling ratings, offering high-energy efficiency that brings comfort inside the home. For example, the highest SEER rating from the Tempstar® airconditioners unit is 19 SEER cooling with 14.5 EER cooling, while the lowest is 13 SEER cooling and 11 EER cooling rating. In addition, Tempstar® air conditioner provide a cooling capacity ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons, depending on the model.

    Likewise, Carrier offers various SEER ratings for their air conditioner units, bringing high-efficiency performance and comfort. The highest SEER rating amongst the Carrier air conditioners is 26 SEER, while its lowest is 13 SEER (standard).

    Overall, Carrier offers higher and better energy efficiency performance as it can provide a SEER rating as high as 26, meaning their air conditioner units will perform better and more effectively, especially during the summer.

    Tempstar® offers exclusive innovative features for their air conditioner units, such as its SmartSense Technology that monitors the fan and compressor operations. It automatically adjusts to control humidity levels and maintain the suitable temperature, increasing the overall energy efficiency and performance of their Tempstar® air conditioners.

    In addition, Tempstar® AC units can be paired with Ion System Control for greater control of the cooling system to control temperature, humidity levels, and ventilation. It can be remotely accessed through Wi-Fi® capability.

    Carrier also offers unique and distinct innovative features for enhanced and more efficient performance of their AC units, such as Greenspeed Intelligence which manages the speed ranges of the AC units, effectively controlling humidity levels. It also has an Infinity® System Control feature that allows remote access to the AC unit through a mobile device, allowing changes with specifications with a tap. 

    Overall, both Tempstar® and Carrier offer innovative features for enhanced comfort and performance. However, Tempstar® is better in terms of its communication ability and ease of adjustments in terms of controlling the temperature and other factors.

    Tempstar® air conditioners operate quietly and efficiently and provide a variation in sound level ratings (decibels), depending on the AC unit. For example, the highest sound rating amongst the Tempstar® AC units is 76 decibels, while its lowest is 56 decibels.

    Carrier air conditioners also provide quiet operation, and among their Ac units offer the lowest sound level rating, 51 decibels. It means the unit is extremely quiet compared to other standard systems. Its highest sound rating is 76 decibels.

    Overall, Carrier offers a much quieter and more efficient operation as its lowest sound level rating is as low as 51 decibels compared to Tempstar®, which is 51 decibels. In addition, Carrier products use Silencer System II, which minimizes the vibrations when the fans run at full capacity. It also maximizes the airflow, which produces a smoother airflow with less resistance that enhances the quiet performance of the unit.

    Tempstar® offer two series for their high-quality air conditioner units: Ion™ System Air Conditioners and Performance Series. 

    The premium air conditioner unit of Tempstar® is the Ion™ System Air Conditioners Series is Heil®’s, offering high efficiency and the quietest system for enhanced home comfort levels. It has five available models: Ion™ TVA9, Ion™ TCA7, Ion™ T4A6S, Ion™ TSA6, and Ion™ TSA5. 

    Tempstar®’s budget-friendly or economical air conditioner product line is the Performance Series, providing high energy efficiency and comfort at a fraction of the cost. It has eight available models: Performance N4A7, Performance N4A3, Performance NXA4,  Performance N4A6, Performance NH4A4, Performance NXA6, Performance N4A4**C, and Performance N4A5.

    Likewise, Carrier offers three series for their high-end central air conditioner units: Infinity® system, Performance™ series, and Comfort™ series.

    The premium air conditioner line of Carrier is the Infinity® system series, which offers the highest energy efficiency ratings and most advanced system. It has two models available: Infinity® 26 Air Conditioner with Greenspeed® Intelligence (24VNA6) and Infinity® 19VS Central Air Conditioner (24VNA9).

    The mid-range or enhanced air conditioner line is the Performance™ series that offers much more budget-friendly AC units. It has four available models, including Performance™ 17 Central Air Conditioner (24ACB7), Performance™ 16 Central Air Conditioner (24APB6), Performance™ 16 Central Air Conditioner (24ACC6), and Performance™ 14 Compact Central Air Conditioner.

    Lastly, the standard air conditioner line of Carrier is the Comfort™ series, which provides affordable units with average energy efficiency ratings. It has two available models: Comfort™ 13 Central Air Conditioner (24ABB3) and Comfort™ 16 Central Air Conditioner (24ACA4**C).

    Overall, Tempstar® provides a broader selection of product ranges, including its various specifications and features. Tempstar® air conditioners provide more flexibility for customers to suit their diverse preferences and needs.

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    The price of Tempstar® air conditioner units is categorized into two types: premium and economical.

    The premium product line, Ion™ System Air Conditioners Series, costs around $2,000 to $3,800 for the unit alone, while the total installation cost may vary from $5,000 to $7,500.

    The mid-range or economical product line, the Performance™ series, costs around $1,400 to $2,500 for the unit alone, while the total installation cost may vary from $3,500 to $4,500.

    The most accurate cost with installation costs may differ depending on the AC unit size, labor fees, pricing by geographic area, home size, home location, efficiency rating, and installation difficulty. Contact a local Tempstar® dealer for the most accurate pricing.

    The price of Carrier air conditioners is categorized into three options: premium, mid-range, and standard costs.

    The premium product line, The Infinity® system series, costs around $2,500 to $4200 for the unit alone, while the total installation cost may range from $5,400 to $8400.

    The mid-range product line, the Performance™ series, costs around  $2000 to $2,500 for the unit alone, while the total installation cost ranges from $5,200 to $5,500.

    The standard product line, the Comfort™ series, costs around $1,575 to $1,900 for the unit alone, while the total installation cost ranges from $4,800 to $5,100.

    Overall, Tempstar® is much more budget-friendly and affordable, especially if you’re on a budget. Tempstar® air conditioners provide high energy efficiency, great performance, and durable AC units at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing the quality. It also offers rebates that can help customers.

    Tempstar® AC products provide a wide array of warranty choices upon registration. Their premium products have a 10-year warranty with a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty. It also offers a No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty, assuring replacement of the AC unit if a major component has any defect or suddenly fails during the coverage period. Their mid-tier or economical products have five years of warranty, while their standard-level products have 1 or 3 years of warranty.

    On the other hand, Carrier only offers one warranty choice for all their product lines: Infinity, Performance, and Comfort series air conditioners. Upon registration, customers are entitled to a 10-year parts limited warranty and a 10-year unit replacement limited warranty.

    Overall, Tempstar® air conditioners have the advantage since it offers a broader array of warranty choices.

    Tempstar® vs Carrier: Final Showdown

    Both Tempstar® and Carrier use innovative features, including their compressor and fan speed variations, to better control humidity and temperature levels. They also use these features to have fewer temperature fluctuations while maintaining a quieter operation and enhanced comfort.

    If you want a durable air conditioner brand with high-quality energy efficiency and quietest performance even when the fans run at full capacity, then Carrier is ideal for you.

    But if you prefer a durable and more affordable air conditioner brand with excellent communication ability with a wider array of product variations and warranty, then Tempstar® suits you best.

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