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June 1, 2023

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    Harvey is known for making high-quality windows at prices significantly lower than its competitors. And despite its lower price point, the company has generated mostly positive customer reviews. 

    But is Harvey the right choice for you among the many window replacement companies on the market? We’ll go through all of Harvey’s window products and services – and how they stack up against the other options you have to help you decide.

    Our Rating82 / 100
    Year Founded1961
    State AvailabilityEast Coast, primarily: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia
    Financing OptionsAvailable through independent retailers
    Energy-Efficient ProductsYes
    WarrantyLifetime warranty on vinyl windows10-year warranty on wood windows
    Price Range$550–$849
    BBB RatingA+

    Our Review of Harvey

    Total Score: 82 / 100 points

    Harvey is a solid choice if you’re looking for a relatively affordable window and don’t mind finding a contractor to install it. Other lower-cost window brands only make vinyl products, but Harvey offers both wood and vinyl. So if you’re looking for an affordable window but want to keep your options open, Harvey is a good place to start.

    The company has a solid pedigree: Harvey’s parent company, Harvey Building Products, was founded more than 60 years ago, giving the company extensive experience within the roofing and window manufacturing industry. The company is also well-regarded and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    Unfortunately, homeowners outside of the East Coast are likely out of luck if they like Harvey. The company sells products only in 16 states, primarily on the Atlantic Coast as well as Ohio and Illinois. 

    The company also doesn’t offer in-house installations, so you’ll have to hire a third-party contractor or install Harvey replacement windows. If you’re looking for a more seamless experience, you may want to go elsewhere.

    Pros & Cons


    • Has strong customer reviews and a high BBB ranking
    • Makes vinyl windows and a premium wood window line
    • Offers lifetime warranties for vinyl windows


    • Is only available in 16 East Coast states
    • Doesn’t install windows
    • Doesn’t carry aluminum frames

    Product Offerings of Harvey 

    Score: 83%

    What we like

    Harvey offers the full range of standard window styles, from casement windows to picture windows to garden windows. You’re not limited to off-the-shelf options, either: Harvey can customize your windows by size, hardware, color, and grilles.

    We like that Harvey provides both wood and vinyl windows, giving two strong frame materials to choose from. Many lower-cost window manufacturers make only vinyl. 

    What we don’t like

    Unfortunately, Harvey doesn’t have many glass coating options. Glass coatings can reduce eye strain, improve privacy in the home, and minimize energy costs, and many higher-end window brands offer these. In addition, you can’t purchase windows with aluminum frames or glass block windows, which limits your choices. 

    Service Offerings of Harvey

    Score: 80%

    What we like

    While Harvey doesn’t do window installation, the company does focus heavily on training distributors and contractors on its products. In many cases, these contractors will offer free consultations so you can get some personalized help in planning your window project.

    What we don’t like

    Harvey is a window manufacturer only, and does not install windows itself. Instead, you’ll need to rely on local contractors for installation. Unfortunately, Harvey doesn’t make it easy for you to find these window professionals. You’ll have to do some research yourself to find the right installer.

    Some higher-end window manufacturers handle the whole process in-house, from helping you design your windows to installing them in your home. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

    Affordability of Harvey

    Score: 23 / 25 points 

    What we like

    Harvey is definitely on the lower end of the price spectrum. The company’s windows cost between $550 and $849, making them an affordable option compared to its competitors. The company also offers discounts and multiple payment options, including custom financing, to help homeowners pay for their windows more comfortably.

    What we don’t like

    Lower costs do come with some downsides. The company does not offer white-glove service, guiding you through the design and installation process. And you’re somewhat limited in materials and options. You can only choose between vinyl and wood, and there aren’t as many luxury options like window coatings.

    Warranty & Post-Installation Support of Harvey

    Score: 80%

    What we like

    Harvey offers lifetime warranties on its vinyl window products, and it’s relatively easy to take advantage of this policy. The company has U.S.-based customer support specialists and field technicians to handle any issues over the phone or on-site, if needed. 

    What we don’t like

    Unfortunately, Harvey’s warranty on wood windows is not nearly as generous. The company only offers a 10-year warranty for wooden windows against material and workmanship defects. This is shorter than many competitors.

    Company Reputation of Harvey

    Score: 10 / 10 points 

    What we like

    There are no red flags when it comes to Harvey’s reputation. The company is an experienced window brand, with more than 60 years in the building industry. It has an A+ rating from BBB and many positive customer reviews.

    What we don’t like

    Like any company, there are a few negative reviews to be found. Some customer reviews noted they were unhappy with the company’s lack of follow-through on window warranties. 

    How Much Do Harvey’s Windows Cost?

    Harvey’s windows range in cost from $550 to $849, making them a competitive and affordable window company. 

    Harvey doesn’t list specific prices on its website, but from our research, we found these average prices based on different window series. Keep in mind, these prices are generally applicable to traditional windows. Bay and bow windows and other more complex designs will have higher costs. 

    Tribute (Vinyl)Classic (Vinyl)Slimline (Vinyl)Majesty* (Wood) 
    Window Cost$550–$1,100$500–$1,000$400–$750$700–$2,800
    Installation Cost$135–$250$135–$250$135–$250$160–$275
    Total Cost$685–$1,350$635–$1,250$535–$1,000$860–$3,075

    *These figures are estimates based on our research. Pricing will vary based on your location, the window series, the type of window, etc.

    Harvey’s Financing

    Harvey offers competitive payment options, including cash, credit card, online payments, and custom financing. You can find discounts through independent retailers. 

    Customers can return windows or get a full refund if there are any manufacturing defects the company can’t fix. However, customers can’t return used window products that aren’t defective. 

    Vinyl windows are covered under a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, Harvey’s wood windows have a warranty of only 10 years. 

    What Types of Windows Does Harvey Offer?

    Single-Hung Windows 

    Single-hung windows have a pinned top sash and an openable bottom sash for easy cleaning.

    Image source: Harvey

    Double-Hung Windows

    Double-hung windows are the most popular style of residential windows. They enhance the viewing experience and ventilate through openings from the top and bottom sashes.

    Image source: Harvey

    Awning Windows

    An awning window provides a unique style to a house and plenty of ventilation. It is hinged on the top and opens outward from the bottom, letting in fresh air but not rain. Home designers often combine awning windows with large stationary windows to create a better view. 

    Image source: Harvey

    Bay Windows

    Bay windows are smart accents to a home. They have three windows: a picture window in the middle and an angled window on each side. The combined structure sticks out beyond the house’s outer wall. 

    Image source: Harvey

    Bow Windows

    Unlike angular bay windows, bow windows have a rounded structure and are made up of four or more windows. They angle beyond the house wall and create a cozy nook inside. 

    Image source: Harvey

    Casement Windows

    These hinged windows open outward to the left or right, much like a door. Also known as crank windows, casement windows provide excellent ventilation. 

    Image source: Harvey

    Garden Windows

    Garden windows create a mini-greenhouse in the window’s interior with a ledge for and other small plants. Garden windows typically don’t open but may have side vents to provide air flow.

    Image source: Harvey

    Hopper Windows

    Hopper windows are often found in basements. They usually open inward at the top and add natural light and ventilation to an ordinarily dark area. 

    Image source: Harvey

    Picture Windows

    Picture windows frame the outdoors with their simple and stunning window frame. They’re ideal for drawing the eye to a beautiful part of the yard. 

    Image source: Harvey

    Rolling Window

    Rolling windows are simple to operate, making them ideal for family rooms, porches, condos, and more. These windows, also known as horizontal sliding windows, roll from one side to the other by sliding along bottom tracks built into the frame. 

    Image source: Harvey

    Shape Windows

    As the name suggests, shape windows come in unique, customizable shapes that add personality to the home. For example, shape windows include full-circle, half-circle, and quarter-circle options. Other more unique shapes include triangle and trapezoid windows. 

    Image source: Harvey

    Majesty Gliding

    The Harvey Majesty Windows line combines hand-crafted wood with gliding windows that open effortlessly.

    Image source: Harvey

    What Materials Does Harvey Use In Its Windows?

    Harvey manufactures vinyl and wood windows, two of the most popular materials used in modern windows. Many lower-cost window manufacturer only make vinyl windows, so it’s a big plus that Harvey offers both. However, the company doesn’t offer aluminum windows, which many homeowners favor because of durability and affordability. 

    Window materials offered: 

    • Wood
    • Vinyl


    Many homeowners prefer wood windows because of their classic, elegant look. However, wood is usually more expensive than vinyl and aluminum, and it requires more regular maintenance – such as staining, painting, and insecticide treatments. They also can be susceptible to rot if not maintained properly.


    Vinyl window frames are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ultraviolet light (UV) stabilizers. The combination prevents sunlight from breaking the vinyl down, making this a durable option, even in hotter climates. 

    Some homeowners prefer vinyl window construction because they don’t need to be painted and offer strong moisture resistance in humid and wet climates. 

    How Energy-Efficient Are Harvey’s Windows?

    Harvey’s windows vary in their energy efficiency. However, the company does offer several options of energy efficient glass that ranks near the top of the line. 

    If you’re interested in Harvey’s most energy-efficient windows, opt for the ThermaLock 3X, its premium Energy Star window that’s rated for all climate zones. It contains three low-E coated panes of glass with argon gas between each pane to minimize heating and cooling costs. They’re also reinforced where the glass meets the window frame, decreasing heat transfer through the window.

    However, there are also three other, lower-cost glass options that are Energy Star-certified in certain parts of the country:

    • ThermaLock
    • ThermaGuard
    • Sunshield
    • SunGain

    Soundproofing & Insulation of Harvey

    The same properties that make windows energy efficient are also beneficial for noise reduction.

    Tightly-sealed double-pane and triple-pane windows work well for soundproofing and insulating. Any of Harvey’s energy-efficient window options provide better sound insulation, particularly if you upgrade from a single-paned window or windows with air leaks. 

    Harvey’s Windows Series

    Harvey has four lines of windows, each offering a variety of options to fit your budget, preferred aesthetic, and other needs. The series are the Harvey Tribute Windows, Harvey Classic Windows, Harvey Slimline Windows, and Harvey Majesty Wood Windows. Each series has its Energy-Star-certified glass options, but only for some regions of the country.

    Refer to our energy-efficiency section above to determine which glass options will work best for your area if you want an Energy Star-certified option for your climate. 

    SeriesGlass OptionsMaterialsBest For
    Harvey Tribute WindowsThermaLock, ThermaLock 3X, ThermaGuard, SunGain, SunShield, ClearVinylSuperior energy efficiency combined with good looks
    Harvey Classic WindowsThermaLock, ThermaLock 3X, ThermaGuard, SunGain, SunShield, ClearVinylHomeowners looking for custom grid configurations, double locks, or high durability
    Harvey Slimline WindowsSunGain, SunShield, ThermaGuard, ClearVinylHomeowners on a budget
    Harvey Majesty Wood WindowsThermaLock, ThermaGuardWoodA classic look with little required maintenance

    Does Harvey Offer Window Customization?

    Yes, Harvey offers excellent window customization options that make it easier for you to match your new windows to your home’s style. You can opt for different sizes, shapes, grilles, colors, and hardware on your Harvey windows. 

    Harvey’s Consultation & Installation Process

    Harvey is a window manufacturer and doesn’t offer installation as part of the window cost. You’ll need to find a window installation contractor, or a window distributor who can refer you to one.

    After picking out your Harvey windows, take the following steps: 

    1. Ask a window retailer or local family and friends for recommendations for a good contractor in the area. 
    2. Vet the contractor by looking up reviews and their licensing information. 
    3. Call the contractor and ask for a consultation and quote. 
    4. Schedule an appointment with the contractor to have your windows installed. 
    5. Ask your contractor for additional information about maintaining your new windows. 

    Does Harvey Offer a Good Warranty?

    Harvey offers a lifetime warranty on its classic vinyl window lines. This exceeds many of its competitors. 

    Where the company needs to improve is its high-end wood window lines, which only have a 10-year warranty on the product parts. This warranty is subpar compared to many other window providers in the industry. If you are set on buying wood windows, you may want to consider a different window company. 

    Harvey Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are crucial to vetting and choosing a window provider for your home. After all, windows are a significant investment. Let’s take a look at some of Harvey’s positive and negative customer reviews so you can have a more nuanced look at the company’s services.  

    Positive Reviews of Harvey 

    Positive reviews typically focus on fast and easy window installation and the customer’s satisfaction with the high-quality product. 

    ““Harveys replaced a large door/windows unit that had previously been improperly installed by a builder. The Installation created no damage to the brickwork or floor and the product is superior. Great skill was used. The whole process from assessment to completion was smooth, the service excellent. I would recommend them unreservedly.””

    B. Solomon 7/8/20 on Trustpilot

    ““Was very pleased with the advice received in the early stages of design and the friendliness of the workers who undertook the construction. Good communications at all times during the project and some minor problems were quickly and efficiently dealt with. I'm very pleased with the finished conservatory and have no hesitation in recommending Harvey's.””

    Ian, 12/26/19 on Trustpilot

    ““We hired Harvey's to do a conservatory and it was a great experience from start to finish. The salesman Geoff was helpful and friendly and all the workers were very good. Taylor their builder was fantastic, tidy, prompt, and efficient. Overall it was an easygoing experience with great results””

    Hannah S., 5/14/19 on Trustpilot

    Negative Reviews of Harvey

    Most negative reviews highlighted issues with the company not upholding window warranties or difficulties connecting with customer service. 

    ““I initially contacted Harvey regarding a warranty claim for seal failure on vinyl patio doors. I am the original homeowner for the installation and provided an official claim submission with their form and pictures as requested by the representative on Feb. 25. 2021. The contractor has confirmed the seal failure is product related and has agreed to install replacement doors. Despite several follow up emails and a phone message I have received no response. Not even a confirmation of receipt of the claim or "it is under review" message. It appears from my recent search of online reviews and other complaints that the company does not adhere to the warranty policy which is a concern.””

    Anonymous, 04/21/21 on BBB

    ““I submitted a warranty claim for a window. I made a payment to this company back and May. They have yet to deliver me the window and took my money.””

    Anonymous, 9/19/22 on BBB

    How Do Harvey’s Windows Compare to Competitors?

    The table below will give you a quick overview of how Harvey stacks up against other reputable window industry giants. 

    Renewal by AndersenChampionWindow NationUniversal Windows DirectWindow WorldCastle WindowsHarvey
    Our Rating4.
    Average Price Per Window$1,200+$850+$550+$350+$550+$550+$550+
    Offers Custom FinancingYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
    Warranty20-year glass/parts 
    10-year hardware 
    2-year installation
    Limited Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Plus WarrantyTrue Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime WarrantyLifetime WarrantyLifetime warranty on vinyl windows
    10-year warranty on wood windows
    BBB RatingA+NRNRAA+A+A+
    *BBB Ratings Accurate as of June 2023.

    Are Harvey’s Windows Worth It For Your Home?

    Harvey is a smart option for homeowners wanting a reputable window company at a relatively low cost. We like that Harvey offers energy-efficient windows at an affordable price and many customization options to ensure the window meets your criteria. However, one big drawback is that Harvey only offers a 10-year warranty on its wood windows, which can be an issue for many homeowners. 

    We recommend collecting multiple free quotes from the best window repair companies to help you narrow down your top choice. Industry experts like Renewal by Andersen, Window Nation, and Champion Windows all offer unique perks, window styles, materials, and price points that may make them the best choice for your home. 

    FAQs About Harvey

    Does Harvey make custom windows?

    Yes, Harvey offers custom-made windows and many sizes, shapes, grilles, hardware, and color options. Some of its different window shape styles include ovals, quarter rounds, half rounds, geometric shapes, and more.

    Do Harvey’s windows have a lifetime warranty?

    Harvey’s vinyl windows have a lifetime warranty. However, its Wood Majesty line only comes with a ten-year warranty.

    Are Harvey’s windows made in the USA?

    Harvey windows are manufactured in the United States, and it is one of the few window manufacturers that designs all of its products locally too.

    Methodology: How We Rank Window Companies

    At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most transparent, accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our window company ratings emphasize what matters most to you — a wide range of well-designed products with reliable installation and great curb appeal.

    Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, customer-review analysis, and discussions with renovation and building experts. A company can earn a maximum of 100 points across five categories, converted to a five-star scale. We researched dozens of windows installation and replacement companies to develop the following formula:

    • Product Offerings (30 points): Window installers can earn the maximum point value in this category if they offer a wide variety of window styles, frame materials, hardware designs, and glass and coating options. Companies earn more points if they design custom windows for your home. We also score the quality and energy efficiency of the windows each company installs.
    • Service Offerings (10 points): When evaluating this category, we consider factors such as consultations, post-installation cleanup, and additional product offerings. We also look at each company's installation team structure – including whether it uses certified window installers or subcontractors to complete work – as this can cause variances in quality.
    • Affordability (25 points):  Our affordability rating considers the provider’s average window prices and how they align with industry averages, as well as discounts and payment plans.
    • Warranty and Support (20 points): A best-in-class window installer will back up its work with a solid warranty to give you added peace of mind. Companies receive the maximum point value in this category if they offer lifetime warranties for their products and workmanship.
    • Company Reputation (15 points): To ensure we’re recommending worthwhile installers, we check each company’s reputation and standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also consider how many years of experience it has in the window industry.

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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