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We recommend the best products through an independent review process, and advertisers do not influence our picks. We may receive compensation if you visit partners we recommend. Read our advertiser disclosure for more info.

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How Much Do Picture Windows Cost? (2023 Saving Guide)

Average Cost Range
? All cost data throughout this article are collected using the RS Means construction materials database.
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May 9, 2023

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Picture windows are fixed glass openings that provide unobstructed views of outdoor scenery. These windows don’t open, so they aren’t useful for ventilation. However, they make decorative additions to living spaces needing some natural light.

How Much Do Picture Windows Cost?

Picture windows generally cost $700–$1,300 for materials and installation. Because these fixed windows don’t involve any operable parts or hardware, they’re often cheaper than other popular window styles like double-hung, casement, and sliding windows of the same size. Some picture windows are as affordable as $400–$700. However, many homeowners prefer larger picture windows or custom-shaped ones to make interior design statements, which sometimes drives costs past $2,000.

Low-end Cost Range$400–$700
National Average Cost Range$700–$1,300
High-end Cost Range$1,300–$2,400

We retrieve cost data RSMeans, a project estimation database for contractors. The estimates in this article cover rough material and installation costs.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Picture Windows?

Though picture windows lack features like operable sashes, grilles, and hardware, they’re still highly customizable. While shopping for a new picture window, you’ll find that prices fluctuate significantly depending on the following factors:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Glazing

Cost of Picture Windows by Size

The size of a picture window is typically the largest determinant of its price. Residential picture windows are usually between 2 to 6 feet wide and tall, with larger windows costing more. Sometimes these windows are priced by square footage, so you’ll inevitably pay more for a larger window. On the other hand, sometimes you’ll pay less for a larger, standard-size window than you would for a smaller custom-size one.

The tables below list some picture window price estimates. We’ve separated the data by window size and material, as well, to help you see cost patterns.

Vinyl Picture Window SizeAverage Cost
47” X 47”$400
47” X 35”$710
47” X 41”$790
47” X 53”$850
71” X 35”$870
71” x 47”$1,050
Wood Picture Window SizeAverage Cost
42″ X 48”$725
60” X 48”$960
48” X 54″$975
72” X 54″$1,045

Cost of Picture Windows by Material

Your picture window’s frame material will affect its appearance, energy efficiency, and life span. For this reason, frame material is the second largest cost determinant besides size.

Picture windows tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than functional, so you want to choose a material that complements your home style and design needs. Consider a durable, insulative material for your picture window if you live in a climate with shifting weather patterns or severe temperatures.

We’ve listed average price ranges and descriptions of the most common picture window frames to help you find the right choice.

Picture Window MaterialAverage Cost
  • Vinyl window framing is a low-cost, low-maintenance option for picture windows. It’s readily available from nearly all window manufacturers and can last 20+ years with proper maintenance.
  • Aluminum window frames are both lightweight and strong, making them an excellent choice for larger picture windows. However, the material isn’t a good insulator, so it’s not the best for homes in cold climates.
  • Steel is a fire, rot, pest, and warp-resistant framing material. Its superior strength allows for thinner frames, an excellent feature for picture windows. Steel’s main drawbacks are its heaviness and higher cost.
  • Fiberglass is a highly durable, long-lasting material that can closely mimic the appearance of natural wood. Fiberglass-frame windows are far stronger than vinyl, making them a better choice for homes in extreme climates.
  • Wood is a long-lasting, highly energy-efficient window material known for its classic appeal. Its downsides include its higher price point and maintenance requirements.
arched picture window showing expansive outdoor scenery
Image Source: Pinterest, Antonella Parisotto

Cost of Picture Windows by Shape

Although many homeowners select square or rectangular picture windows, some opt for arched, circular, or custom-shaped ones to make a true statement. Custom picture windows are more expensive to manufacture and harder to install, yielding a higher price point. This is true for any window type, so keep it in mind when budgeting for a tailor-made design.

Here are some common price ranges for various picture window shapes. As you can see, the estimates increase for custom window options.

Picture Window ShapeAverage Cost
Custom Size$1,500+
Custom Shape$2,000+

Cost of Picture Windows by Glazing

Although the view through your picture window will be its most showstopping feature, the glass itself is still an important part of the opening. Depending on your energy efficiency, soundproofing, and lighting needs, you can choose from a few glazing options for your ideal picture window.

Single-pane glass will be the cheapest option for your picture window but also provide the lowest level of insulation and sound reduction. Meanwhile, dual-pane and triple-pane glass will cost more but provide additional benefits.

Double-pane glass costs between $10–$20 per square foot for materials alone. The glass for triple-pane windows can cost $20–$40 per square foot. However, your price will far exceed those figures because of the remaining window materials, installation costs, and other customizations.

The best glass for a picture window truly depends on your specific needs as a homeowner. A single-pane window might do the trick if you live in a mild climate without serious noise pollution. If you’re in an extreme weather climate with constant outside noise, you’ll likely want multi-pane glazing.

Picture Window GlazingAverage Cost
  • Single-pane windows only feature one glass layer. While single-pane glass is the lowest-cost option, it’s the least energy-efficient, making it unideal for large picture windows. The money you save on the window might instead go toward your energy bills.
  • Double-pane windows have two glass panes separated by an argon gas-filled layer. The extra glass and insulative fill make for a more energy-efficient, noise-reducing window. Double-pane glazing undoubtedly costs more than single-pane but is usually worth the benefits.
  • Triple-pane windows go a step further to provide a third layer of insulation against outside temperatures and sounds. You’ll pay a much higher price for that extra pane of glass, but it might be worthwhile if you face severe weather.

Watch Below to learn more about how multi-paned windows work.

Additional Costs of Picture Windows

When your final bill comes for your chic new picture window, it’ll include more than just the price of the frame and glass. You must also pay for the installation service, additional add-on accessories, and brand premiums. We’ve detailed these factors below to help you avoid surprise costs.

  • Installation and labor: According to our research on RSMeans, picture window installation typically costs between $600–$1,000 total per day. Hourly rates can range from around $40 to $60. Even if you select a low-cost picture window, you must still budget a chunk of money for labor costs.
  • Glass accessories like coatings and tintings can add $5–$15 per square foot to your overall price. Though products like Low-E films and UV-reflective coatings can help you save on energy bills in the long run, you should consider whether your climate deems these add-ons necessary.
  • Brand is a major cost-defining factor for windows. Top companies often charge premium prices for picture windows, especially those with customized colors, finishes, tints, etc. Retrieve quotes from at least three top window brands to discover your best options on the market.

How Does the Cost of Picture Windows Compare to Other Window Types?

Picture windows have middle-of-the-road costs compared to other window types. On the one hand, they lack the moving parts that make other windows more expensive. On the other hand, they’re designed to provide an unobstructed view, so they’re often larger than purely functional casements or double-hung windows.

The graphic below illustrates how much picture windows cost compared to other types of windows.

The main thing to remember when window shopping is that all types have highly variable price points. Although some inherently cost more because of size requirements, complex installations, etc., you can shop for standard sizes with vinyl frames to keep costs down.

Is DIY Worth the Cost Savings of Installing Picture Windows?

In most cases, DIY window installation won’t be worth the potential cost savings. Although you might cut the installation and labor bill, you’ll still need to buy the window, rent equipment, and take care of the cleanup. Plus, you’ll be on the line if you damage your home.

We suggest hiring a professional window contractor with the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to install a picture window. A pro will perform a high-quality installation that lasts longer and provides the desired results. Hiring a professional will be worthwhile unless you have extensive window expertise and installation skills.

Are Picture Windows Worth It for Your Home?

Picture windows typically cost between $700–$1,300, though those prices vary by size, material, glass, and shape. When budgeting for any home improvement project, you must also account for labor fees, customizations, and other overhead costs that can boost your bill by hundreds of dollars. Your professionally installed, high-quality picture windows will be well worth the investment despite the initial costs.

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FAQs About Picture Window Costs

How Much Does a 6 X 6 Picture Window Cost?

According to our research, a 6-foot-by-6-foot picture window would cost between $1,000–$1,800 for materials and installation. Your price may fall at the lower or higher end of that range depending on the type of window material, glazing, and customizations you choose.

Do Picture Windows Come with Warranties?

Replacement windows of any kind, including picture windows, will likely have a warranty. However, the specific details of the warranty will vary depending on the retailer.

Some companies like Champion Windows and Castle Windows offer lifetime warranties that cover the windows for as long as you own the home. Other companies like Renewal by Andersen offer limited warranties that cover parts and labor for your window replacements for up to a certain number of years. The key to finding the best warranty for picture windows is to shop around with several sellers and to read the fine print of sample policies before purchasing.

Will a Picture Window Add Value to My Home?

Picture windows are stylish home features many potential buyers seek when house shopping. You should especially consider replacing old windows with newer, more energy-efficient windows. Replacement windows will boost your home’s value and save you money on energy bills.

Avoid these disasters by hiring a professional egress window installer for the job. An expert installer will have the tools and expertise necessary to add a safe, functional window to your home without damaging it.

Do Picture Windows Open?

Picture windows aren’t operable, which means they don’t open, close, or slide. Their large, unimpeded glass areas make excellent centerpieces in home offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. Homeowners seeking to improve airflow and natural lighting may pair picture windows with double-hung, awning, or casement windows for combined benefits.

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