Both Champion Windows and Window World are custom-built replacement window brands that enhance the quality of life and improve the value of one’s home in a cost-efficient way. 

You might be wondering which of the two, Champion Windows or Window World, is the ideal replacement window brand that fits your preference and needs. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide that will cover everything you need to consider about the two top ranking window brands to help you make an informed buying decision.

It includes the comparison of the appropriate information about the cost, warranty, installation process, window styles, and energy efficiency.

Champion Windows Overview

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Champion Windows was created by Champion Windows and Home Exteriors, a manufacturer of replacement windows, sunrooms, vinyl siding, and doors. The company was founded in 1953 and started as a manufacturer of aluminum storm windows and doors, screen rooms, and awnings in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Champion Windows offers custom-built replacement windows available in nine window styles, including Double-Hung, Casement & Awning, Sliding, Bay and Bow, Picture, Garden, Shaped, Basement Hopper, and Glass Block.

The available windows come in 7 ColorBond® exterior designer colors options, including Tan, White, Adobe, Bronze, Colonial Blue, Pebble, and Black with three TimberBond® interior woodgrain finish variations: Cherrywood, Dark Oak, and English Oak.

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Champion Windows are also available in No Grid, Colonial, Diamond, Open Prairie, and Prairie grid patterns. For privacy glass options, it includes Rain and Obscure glass. 

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Window World Overview

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Window World is produced by Associated Materials Incorporated (AMI).  It is a manufacturer and distributor of exterior building products, including vinyl windows and siding, entry and patio doors, steel and aluminum siding, storm and garage doors, and accessories.

Window World offers custom-made vinyl replacement windows, which are also known as retrofit windows. The windows come in 10 window products: Double-Hung, Sliding, Casement & Awning, Picture, Architectural Shapes, Basement Hopper, Acrylic Block, Bay & Bow, Garden, and Single-Hung windows.

The variations of interior colors appear in 13 choices, including White, Beige, Almond, Dark Brown, Clay, Khaki, Tan, Light Oak Woodgrain, Foxwood Woodgrain, White Oak Woodgrain, Dark Oak Woodgrain, Maple Woodgrain, and Cherry Woodgrain.

The 20 available exterior color choices are White, Beige, Almond, Dark Brown, English Red, Khaki, Green, Light Brown, Silver, Clay, Chocolate, Cream, Cocoa, Forest Green, Black, Tan, Hunter Green, Brown, Bronze, and Earthtone. Customers can choose from Obscure, Tinted, and Rain for the design options.

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Single-Hung, Double-Hung, and Sliding Windows feature 11 grid options, including 6 Over 6, 6 Over 1, Prairie, Double Prairie, Perimeter, Double Perimeter, Diamond, 4 Over 4, 4 Over 1, 3 Over 1, and No Grid.

Both Casement Grid and Awning Grid appear in nine choices: 2-Top, 3-Top, 4-Lite, 6-Lite, 8-Lite, Diamond, Prairie, Double Prairie, and No Grid, and the Picture Windows appear in 4-Lite, 6-Lite, 9-Lite, 16-Lite, Diamond, Prairie, Double Prairie, and No Grid options. 

The Architectural Shape Windows feature 10 shape options: Circle, Circle Top, Eyebrow, Half Eyebrow, Half Hexagon, Half Octagon, Hexagon, Octagon, Quarter Circle, and True Oval. 

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Champion Windows vs Window World: Comparison

Champion Windows provides a free in-home estimate where you can get an accurate price that fits your budget for your window replacement project based on your needs and preference. The free quote also includes the professional installation cost since the installation is done by their authorized expert technicians.

You can also get a rough estimate of the cost by checking the chart on their website and choosing between the styles provided. The pricing is may vary, depending on the selected window style, exterior, and interior finish options. 

Champion Windows also indicated the average industry pricing of vinyl replacement windows, which ranges from $425 to $2,100. 

Window World provides three methods for customers to request the most accurate quote or estimate possible—by phone, free in-home, or virtual consultation. For the virtual consultations, customers must fill out the form provided on the company’s website. 

The exact price of window products may vary, depending on the selected window type and decorative choices. 

Champion Windows offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which applies to certified products of the original purchaser who owns the home. It covers every aspect of the installation process, including necessary materials, labor, parts, and repairs. The warranty also includes broken glass, seal failure, screen repair, and waste removal coverage. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty covers everything mentioned with no additional charge.

All Window World products come in a Lifetime Limited Warranty, which is transferrable to the succeeding homeowner as long as the warranty transfer form is received within 30 days of the sale of the house.

The Lifetime Limited Warranty has coverage for vinyl parts and mechanical parts, including balances, locks, and vent stops. It also has warranty coverage for the insulated glass unit against errors caused by moisture or dust that resulted in diminished visibility of a material. 

Both Champion Windows and Window World offer a hassle-free replacement window installation by providing a professional technician who will take care of everything—from the exact measurement, step-by-step installation process to cleaning up once done.

Both companies also do a final inspection on the finished product to ensure a successful installation, replacement windows are in perfect condition, and make sure the customer is satisfied.

Both Champion Windows and Window World Windows are Energy Star® certified, which helps reduce the utility cost and carbon footprint while providing thermal insulation. 

Champion Windows features Comfort 365 Window® Glass with Low-E glass technology and a specialized coating process that keeps the house cool during summer and warm during the winter. It also offers an Argon-Gas-filled insulated glass that helps filter out 94% of harmful UV rays while allowing natural light to come in.

It also provides energy-efficient features such as a weather-proofing composite lock that keeps the moisture out to prevent water damage, air-tight meeting rails that reduce air leakage and drafts, triple weatherstripping that fortifies insulation, foam-enhanced frame for additional insulation, and insulated pocket sill that prevents drafts while strengthening security. 

Window World features a SolarZone™ insulated glass package with Low-E (low-emissivity) made of microscopic metallic coatings that increases energy savings and help provide consistent temperature as it controls the heat gain during summer and winter.

It also filters the UV rays that enter your home to prevent fading and damages to furnishings like furniture, carpets, and curtains. The available windows are filled with argon gas for ideal insulation performance.

Moreover, Window World features a Warm-Edge Spacer System that reduces condensation on glass in winter by keeping the heat from escaping. All windows also have vinyl framing that helps trap and resist unwanted weather. 

Champion Windows vs Window World: Final Showdown

Both Champion Windows and Window World provide a selection of financing options that fit the needs and budget of the customer. It provides flexibility for customers in having an affordable and convenient replacement window project.

Both window brands are durable and energy-efficient, but if you want replacement windows with a myriad of window types and design options, then  Window World suits you best. 

If you want a high-performing replacement window with notable warranty coverages and offer discounts on their products to save money, Champion Windows suit you best.

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