Metal roof
Metal roofs have evolved from their industrial origins.

When you think about a metal roof, you may have in mind what that might look like.

Maybe a barn or a commercial building, right?

But metal roofs come in different colors and styles that will fit just about any style of home.

Further, metal roofing is exceptionally strong and can stand up to extreme weather.

It’s also great for protecting homes in wildfire-prone areas — and metal roofs are low maintenance and energy efficient.

Watch the video above for more information!

Want to learn more about metal roofing? Click here.

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    • Hi, James,

      Danny says, “Yes, but first you will need to clean it. Apply a metal primer then coat it with Elastomeric. That’s exactly what we’re doing Monday at my river cabin.

      Good luck!”

    • Hi, Tim,

      The answer to your question is based on numerous factors. For instance, what is the condition of the current roof? Further, what type of metal roofing do you plan to install?
      Finally, what does the metal roof’s manufacturer suggest?

      We recommend first contacting the metal roof’s manufacturer, who will learn specific information about your project and can offer the best answer.

      Good luck!

  1. I agree that a metal roof is a good idea; yet for many, including me, the cost is prohibitive.
    When you say metal, are you referring to steel or alumanim? I am considering a roof replacement

  2. I had a new roof put on years ago and it leaked from the onset. The company came back 3 times then just threw up their hands b/c they didn’t know why. I’m left with a leaking roof and damaged attic. My question is can a metal roof go right over an existing roof or does that have to come off and new roof then get installed?

  3. We’re waiting for our metal roofing to arrive, so our roofer can get started. You just reinforced our decision to go metal instead of replacing our current (and hot) asphalt shingle roof with more shingles. Also adding a gable off the back of our house, covering our south facing deck and screening it in so we can enjoy it all summer, rather than just spring and fall. Can’t wait for all of it to be finished!

    • Natalie, we’re glad to hear that you’ve decided to “go metal.” 🙂 Thanks for sharing about that and about your entire project; sounds like some exciting home improvements. Best wishes!


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