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April 27, 2023

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    Do you know the difference between soffits and fascia? If you haven’t heard of soffits and fascia, you better check to make sure they don’t need to be replaced. Damage to your home’s soffits and fascia can have devastating effects on your home. This article will explain what soffits and fascia are, why you should replace them, and how much it costs.

    What are Soffits and Fascia?

    Unless you have had to deal with a leaky roof, there is a good chance that you have never heard of the soffit or the fascia. Soffits are located on the underside of your roof and are the exposed siding found beneath your roof’s eaves. The soffit is typically the same design and color as your home’s siding, but it may differ according to the tastes of every homeowner.

    On the other hand, the fascia board is the siding directly above the soffit. While it can be hard to see the soffit, you can usually see the fascia because it is the exposed board on the front of your roof’s overhang and the spot where your gutters are placed.

    Why are Soffit and Fascia Important?

    Both soffit and fascia serve valuable functional and aesthetic purposes. The soffit is important because it enables steady airflow between your home’s roof and attic. A well-ventilated attic, in turn, prevents the build-up of moisture and possible mold. Additionally, soffits help keep animals and insects out of your house.

    The fascia is important because it’s the last line of support for your roof’s bottom row of tiles or shingles. Also, because gutters are installed on it, the fascia needs to be strong enough to withstand heavy rain. There is a cost to installing and replacing gutters, so it is best to have a sturdy fascia. Finally, the fascia is seen by everyone on the street, so it is essential that it looks good to maximize your home’s curb appeal.

    When You Should Replace or Repair Soffit and Fascia

    Here are a few signs to look out for that may indicate that your soffit and fascia need to be replaced or repaired:

    Cracks and Flaking Paint

    Because cracks not only look bad but also enable leaking, you should immediately remove and repair damaged pieces of your soffit and fascia when you see cracking and flaking paint.

    Evidence of Animals and Insects

    Soffits and fascia are meant to keep bugs and rodents out of your roof and attic. If you notice an infestation coming from your roof, you may need to do some roof repair before calling the exterminator.

    Suspected Asbestos

    Asbestos is very dangerous to your health. If you suspect that asbestos was used in your soffit or fascia, you should look into replacing them.

    Leaking Water

    Water can lead to rotting, mold, and other costly damage. If it looks like water is getting through your soffit and fascia, you should consider repairing or replacing them.

    Lack of Ventilation

    Because one of the primary purposes of soffits and fascia is the ventilation they provide to attics, you should repair or replace these parts if you notice a lack of ventilation in the upper parts of your home.

    Why You Should Replace or Repair Soffit and Fascia

    While all homes need to have functioning soffits and fascia, these parts of your home are especially important if you live in a wet and windy climate or you live in an older home. To prevent water, moisture, and animals from entering your home, you should consider checking to see whether your soffit and facia need to be replaced or repaired.

    If you need to replace or repair your soffits and fascia, you should consider hiring a professional to do the work. When choosing a roofer, several important factors must be considered. But as far as professional roofers go, Aspen Contracting, the best overall roofing company, will happily come to the rescue. Indeed, there are undoubtedly many advantages that come with using a reputable roofing company.

    How Much to Replace Soffit and Fascia?

    On average, it costs between $6 and $20 per linear foot to install or repair fascia and soffits. However, the cost per linear foot will change depending on the material used. Common materials include vinyl, aluminum, wood, and composite.

    How Much to Paint Soffit and Fascia?

    In total, the average cost for painting a fascia board is between $500 and $1000.

    Cost to Repair and Replace Soffit and Fascia by Material Type

    The costs of replacing or repairing soffits and fascia are variable. This list provides an average cost for different materials:

    Vinyl Soffit and Fascia Cost

    Vinyl Soffit

    Vinyl soffits are an excellent choice if you don’t want to spend much money on maintenance. In general, vinyl soffits don’t need to be painted, so they are not prone to peeling and fading. They can cost between $6 and $10 per linear foot.

    Vinyl Fascia

    Vinyl is one of the most popular types of roofing material used to make fascia boards and requires minimal maintenance. Unlike other materials, vinyl is less susceptible to rot and water damage. Fascia boards made out of vinyl cost between $5 and $9 per linear foot.

    Aluminum Soffit and Fascia Cost

    Aluminum Soffit

    Aluminum soffits are durable and require less maintenance than soffits made of other materials. The average price per linear foot of fascia boards is $8 to $20.

    Aluminum Fascia

    Aluminum fascia boards are similarly long-lasting and require less maintenance than fascia boards made up of other materials. However, they are pricier and harder to install, ranging from $8 to $20 per linear foot.

    Wood Soffit and Fascia Cost

    Wood Soffit

    Wood soffits are often cheaper than other types but require more upkeep. You also risk developing mold or rot, so soffit repair is more common. These soffits average between $6 and $10 per linear foot.

    Wood Fascia

    Wood fascia boards are the most popular because they are also the most cost-effective of fascia boards. But you should beware that wood facia deteriorates and require more upkeep than boards made of other materials. The average price for wood fascia boards is between $1 and $3 per linear foot.

    Composite Soffit and Fascia Cost

    Composite Soffit

    Composite soffits are another option that can withstand more wear and tear. They can cost between $8 and $20 per linear foot.

    Composite Fascia

    Composite fascia boards are durable and require less maintenance. These fascia boards can cost anywhere between $1 and $8 per linear foot.

    Soffit and Fascia Install and Labor Costs

    The labor cost for fascia installation ranges from $6 to $20 per linear foot, and the labor cost for soffit installation can be between $1 and $3 per linear foot. This difference in cost reflects the differing complexity involved in removing and installing these unique parts of your home. Of course, when using more expensive materials, your total cost of installing soffits and fascia will increase.

    Final Thoughts

    This article has explained the difference between soffits and fascia, why they are important, and the costs of repairing and replacing them. Remember, don’t hesitate if you think your soffit and fascia need to be repaired! By acting fast, you can save yourself expensive damage and help preserve the aesthetic beauty of your home’s exterior.

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