Junk Drawer Divider

Every kitchen has a junk drawer and we can’t change that, but we may be able to help you organize your junk. Drawer organizers can be purchased from most home centers or discount stores but rarely do they allow you to truly customize the drawer space.

The solution: create custom dividers using lattice strips (sizes vary but most are about 1/8″ thick and 1¼” to 1¾” wide). Layout the pattern you want and create interlocking joints by cutting notches in the lattice half the depth of the lattice and the full thickness. Hook them together and set them in place.


  1. This size board is too short for my flatware drawer. I need at least 2.75 inches high. I have a lot of flatware for each section and it would be falling over the sides with lattice. Do you have any other options so dividers are higher?

    Also how do you keep wire undersink pull out shelves from coming all the way out. They are not rev a shelf brand but a generic brand. Thank you


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