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Homeowners Zach and Kelsey Gross
Homeowners Zach and Kelsey Gross

Zach and Kelsey Gross are first-time homeowners who recently bought a beautiful historic home. The house has plenty of character, but like a lot of older homes, it was lacking in storage space.

In fact, the one closet in the master bedroom had barely enough space for Kelsey’s clothes, so Zach had to commute to the guest room closet. So, we helped the couple add a pair of closets to their master bedroom, without sacrificing the character of their home.

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Creating Closet Space

Danny and Zach work on framing in one of the new closets.
Danny and Zach install drywall in one of the new closets.

Zach and Kelsey had a space in their master bedroom that wasn’t being used in the best way, so we used it to map out two new closets that, once finished, looked like they had been there all along.

After clearing out the closets and covering everything in the room, we carefully removed the old moldings, so we could reuse them later.

We assembled all three side walls before putting them into position – one on either side of the window and the third to cap off the righthand closet. Next, we framed in the front walls with a header above to accept the doors. Once the framing was complete, we drilled access holes for the electrician. Then, it was time to install drywall, followed by lots of finishing and sanding. Watch How to Measure and Cut Drywall for tips on this process.

Keeping in character with the house, we used old salvaged doors for the new closets and matched the existing moldings in every detail possible – from the door casings to the picture moldings.

Finally, we installed the shelves, closet rods and shoe racks inside the closets to make them perfect for Kelsey’s needs.

Kelsey and Chelsea prep and paint the closet doors.
Kelsey and Chelsea prep and paint the salvaged closet doors.

By adding two identical closets on either side of the window, we not only created enough new storage space for Kelsey to store her clothes, shoes and accessories, we also created the opportunity to add a vanity counter which she can use as a makeup table, complete with specialized lighting that’s perfect for the task.

We built a pair of new closets and vanity for Kelsey.
We built a pair of new closets and vanity for Kelsey.

Customizing the Existing Closet

After giving Kelsey her own closet space, we customized the interior of the original closet for Zach’s needs, so he could move his belongings out of the guest room closet. We added two closet rods and created shelving on the side for his shoes.

We reconfigured the original closet to hold Zach's clothes and shoes.
We reconfigured the original closet to hold Zach’s clothes and shoes.

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