How to Make a Child’s Chair from a Milk Crate

Joe Truini displaying child's chair made from milk crate
Joe Truini displays a child’s chair made from an old milk crate.

Old milk crates have been used for years for storing record albums, books and kids’ toys. Here’s something you may never have thought of: convert them into a child’s seat!

Just take a piece of fabric, lay it out on a table, then add a piece of two-and-a-half-inch thick foam. Top that with a piece of plywood cut to slightly larger than the crate’s dimensions.

Staple the fabric in place and then screw four cleats to the underside of the cushion — without the cleats, this could slide right off, so there are four simple cleats cut from a 1-by-2.

Now, your kid has a comfortable place to sit and a great way to store toys!

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