Leaves in gutters
Regular roof maintenance is important, particularly during the fall. (DepositPhotos)

Fall Checklist

Top 10 Must Do

  1. Replace air conditioning/heating system filters. Vacuum the area behind filters.
  2. Clean and inspect gutters/downspouts. Repair if needed.
  3. Rake leaves from the lawn.
  4. Drain gas from the lawnmower. Tune up the engine and sharpen the blade.
  5. Install storm windows and storm doors.
  6. Drain and flush the water heater.
  7. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  8. Inspect weatherstripping and caulk around all doors and windows. Replace if damaged.
  9. Drain lawn irrigation system.
  10. Check insulation and add more if needed.
Danny Lipford trims trees and bushes while wearing safety glasses

If Time and Budget Allow

  1. Trim hedges and shrubs.
  2. Recoat the trim paint in at least one room of the house.
  3. Pull out and unplug the refrigerator to clean behind it. Vacuum the coils.
  4. Remove all dead plants from gardens, and trim dead tree limbs.
  5. Check caulking around the bathtubs. Re-caulk, if necessary.
  6. Clean and deodorize the dishwasher with white vinegar.
Joe Truini stacks firewood during a taping of Today's Homeowner
Split and stack firewood.

A Little Something Extra

  1. Split and stack firewood.
  2. Make sure fire extinguishers are fully charged.
  3. Replace liners in cabinet drawers.
  4. Clean and lubricate garden tools, then store them away.


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