Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of March 11, 2017

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Last week, my buddy Joe Truini filled in for me during the radio show and I hear it was a roaring success! Thanks, Joe! Be sure to check out some of Joe’s Simple Solutions on our website.

Joe Truini
Joe Truini

Where was I, you may ask? Go ahead…I’ll wait…. So glad you asked! I spent a week with my loved ones at Disney World. I think a successful family vacation is one where everyone is still speaking to each other by the end of the trip. And, to prove its success, a group hug!

Group hug!
Group hug!

We had a lot of great questions come in this week and, even though many of you are still dealing with snow and freezing temps, Spring is just around the corner. This week, Danny & I shared our Top 10 Must-Do items that should be on your Spring Home Maintenance List. You can see that list and download it from our 4 Seasons of Home Ownership.

We also spent some time discussing the issue that has been an ongoing problem with front-load washing machines: Mold developing on the rubber door gasket. Our own Julie Day Jones has a wonderful article to help you combat that issue.

And here are more of your questions Danny & I tackled this week.

Hour 1

Rojean in CO
I have a double outlet electrical box installed in the bathroom. The left hand side is nailed into a stud but the right hand is not. The right hand side of the box is attached to nothing. (No blue flap or fin). So the left hand side of the outlet is solid and firm but the right moves when you unplug something from the outlet and it drives me crazy!! Is there another option to fix this problem instead of replacing the electric box with 2 flaps or fins?

Barrett in IL
We poured concrete countertops and they turned out great. However, I wasn’t happy with the water based sealer. It’s already almost all flaked off. What’s the best thing to re-seal it with?

Kathy in PA
We have recently noticed a layer of fine “dust” in our home. It is even inside our cupboards. When we wipe our finger across it, there is a residue that looks like white talcum powder. Do you have any thoughts about what is causing this and how to get rid of it? We have high grade filters on our furnace.

Richard in GA
I had a metal roof installed a few years ago and have had continuous leaks off and on since. A different roofing contractor says he can correct the problem. However, I have thought about venting horizontally across the attic and through the gable end wall even before the metal roof was installed but the contractor assured me that he could work around the exhaust hood. He failed and now I have an ongoing leak. Through the wall from the kitchen is not an option because I have an enclosed back porch there now. I would appreciate any thoughts comparing through the roof done correctly and through the end wall.

Wayne in LA
I have a 3 yr. old Acadian style home with just ridge vents to let the heat out of the attic. There are holes on the underside of the fascia board to let cool air in. But at the peak of the summer the temp can reach as high as 140 degrees. I have blown in insulation. Could I take batting insulation & lay on top of the blown in stuff in a crisscross pattern with the foil barrier facing up without creating a condensation problem. I don’t have much faith in blown in stuff. Are do you have any suggestions. My A/c runs a long time in the summer & I’m setting it at 72 degrees.

Robert in GA
I have a trash can cabinet from an old Subway. I want to use it in our children’s wing at church. The cabinet is made with Formica all around it top, sides and all. Can and how do paint so it will stick?

Hour 2

Dot in MS
My electric water heater and HVAC fan and heating unit are in a closet in the garage on a wall of the den. The return air space is under these units and that vent is located in the den. The noise from all this is very loud when the fan is on. The tv sound has to be adjusted constantly. This closet is open at the top into the very cold/hot attic. Can this opening top and bottom be managed to be more efficient?

Birdie in OR
My contractor plans on painting the outside of my house this week or next. I live in Klamath Falls, Oregon where temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. He assures me it is OK and he’s been doing this for years. I’m nervous! Can doing this with these conditions affect the quality of the finished paint job?

Judy in OR
I have a large trex deck that is flaking in some spots. It has paintable stain on it and most of it is holding up. The high traffic areas are flaking and paint is peeling. I can’t afford to replace it!

Dorothy in GA
I would like to know what I can buy to help me clean the grease that’s have spatter on the wall and side of my fridge due to cooking in a deep fryer that’s sitting on the counter near the stove.

Jeff in WI
How do you get rid of the white chalk stuff on siding?

Bettie in KY
I put too much touch up paint on my steel door. How do I remove this paint without hurting the finish? It has been on the door for a number of weeks.

Rose in PA
I see Wet & Forget for cleaning the runoff stain on the outside fireplace chimney. The problem is, my composite deck surrounds the base. I’m afraid the runoff of the Wet & Forget will leave stains on the composite deck.


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