When we are looking for aluminum cladding systems, we want all the functional benefits combined with easy installation and great aesthetics. That’s why we turn to AL13, a leading innovator of aluminum cladding systems that are fully tested for fire, rain, wind, and durability since 2011.

AL13’s systems are cut on-site, easy to install, reliable, and look great, too. Read on to find out more about one of our favorite architectural metal panels manufacturers.

Why choose AL13?

AL13, based out of British Columbia, Canada, has a clear and concise mission: to make premium building materials like durable aluminium composite panels and planks accessible to the broadest market possible. They are committed to this mission through and through.   

AL13’s systems are popular for builds with tight timelines, retrofits and building upgrades, and provide access to premium products on new builds. With a wide array of finish options, panels can be customized to fit anyone’s needs. Their panel and plank systems are designed to be cut on-site, with the look of wood but durability of metal, and offer rainscreen cladding for moisture management.

With both the panel and plank system, you benefit from AL13’s fifteen-year limited product warranty against physical defects, a 20-year warranty on panel finishes, and a 15-year warranty on plank finishes. AL13 is with you every step of the way, from selecting or customizing designs and finishes, through to how to install exterior wall panels on-site.

AL13 Products

Aluminum panel facades are popular choices for architects and property owners because aluminum offers a flexible and sleek way to manage heating, ventilation, and sun control. Aluminum lends a lighter appearance to buildings and can offer fun visual interest as well.

Rain screens, a system of products that work together to manage moisture on a wall, allow for pressure equalization. Moisture can flow out while also allowing air to flow through the wall system. This unique feature of aluminum panels and planks helps protect a property owner’s investment in their building.

AL13 offers two main types of aluminum exterior finishes: a panel system and a plank system.

Panel System

AL13’s patented Panel system is easy-to-assemble: panels are cut on-site and secured using a patented process with no additional off-site fabrication needed. You can make on-the-fly changes without additional lead time. And because panels are fit on-site, you can replace just one panel, not an entire prefab section of paneling.

The built-in, pressurized rain screen helps manage moisture and the panels come in a variety of finishes including nine solids, four metallics, and five woodgrains. You can have a custom look at a fraction of the cost of a custom install.  

AL13’s panels are wind, water, and fire safety tested meeting AAMA, NFPA, ASTM, ULC, and QAI standards.

Plank System

AL13’s plank system affords clients the look of wood, with the durability of metal. Their exterior faux wood planks offer improved moisture management with a new panel behind the plank that increases the functionality of the rain screen.

With an improved strength to weight ratio over other systems, the plank system optimizes material and offers a precise install to within 0.5mm. This means that there is a reduced risk of material expansion and contraction resulting in compression of the planks.

With six popular woodgrains to choose from, there is something for every building. Optional high-performance fluorocarbon or powder coated finishes are available in a variety of standard patterns and colors, but custom colors are also available. For buildings pursuing LEED certification, AL13’s plank systems do contain recycled content.

The plank system is fire-rated and wind-load tested meeting AAMA, NFPA, ASTM, and ULC standards.


Maintenance of both the plank and panel systems is simple: a regular cleaning program will help maintain the look and feel of both the plank and panel systems. Due to environmental buildup or general exposure to the elements, dirt and other deposits may accumulate. You can easily return your panels or planks to looking like new with general surface cleaning using a mild detergent and soft brush or sponge free of debris.

AL13 does not recommend using abrasive cleaners, steel wool, pressure washers, or highly acidic solutions to clean their products. Free samples and free estimates are available via their website, al13.com.

The AL13 Team

The AL13 team is made up of construction industry veterans with extensive experience throughout North America. Their territory managers are available to answer questions and provide guidance about the products they stand behind.

A solid choice for exterior finishes

When it comes to exterior metal wall cladding, the choice is clear: AL13’s innovative, easy-to-use, and classically-designed aluminum cladding systems are designed to withstand the elements. They are long-lasting materials with sustainability in mind, putting your building’s best face forward. Visit https://al13.com/ for more information.

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