When it comes to aluminum cladding systems, the goal is a perfect balance of function, ease of installation, and aesthetics. AL13, a leading innovator of aluminum cladding systems since 2011, offers just that.

The company’s systems undergo durability tests to ensure they can stand up against elements like fire, rain, and wind. AL13 also cuts all of its systems on-site, which enhances their overall appearance and uniformity. Read on to learn more about one of our favorite architectural metal panel manufacturers: AL13.

Why Choose AL13?

Based in British Columbia, Canada, AL13 has a clear, concise mission: to make premium building materials like durable aluminum composite panels and planks accessible for all. Here are some key reasons to choose the brand’s panel system.

Panels Enable Customization Without Added Costs

AL13’s systems work for quick-timeline builds, retrofits, upgrades, and premium products on new builds. With diverse finish options, their panels can suit anyone’s needs. The panel system allows for high customization while minimizing fabrication costs. As the panels are cut and fitted on-site, clients can achieve custom aesthetics without paying for custom panels. This also simplifies replacements and adjustments.

AL13 offers a wide range of panels, including solids, metallics, and woodgrains. Their patented panel system provides flexibility and durability, complemented by an integrated rain screen that enhances moisture protection.

Planks Deliver Beauty Without Complications

AL13’s plank system suits buildings where wood looks appealing, but material durability poses concerns. Their panel and plank systems resemble wood but are made of durable metal and feature rain-screen cladding to regulate moisture. Visually, the plank exteriors mimic wood grains, but the aluminum substrate withstands structural issues like rot and expansion that often plague wood. 

Enhanced rain screen performance increases weather resilience. A 0.5mm-tolerance fit minimizes long-term compression risk. With minimal maintenance (especially compared to real wood), AL13’s faux planks offer natural splendor without the headaches.

Adaptability and Curb Appeal

Aluminum panel facades are popular due to their ability to provide sleek climate and sunlight control while visually illuminating structures for aesthetic appeal.

Rain screens allow for ventilation and moisture runoff, improving the efficiency of AL13’s panels and planks throughout all seasons. Certified against wind, fire, and structural benchmarks by major industry codes, AL13 products can handle it all.

Minimal Maintenance

AL13 products can maintain their aesthetics and performance for over 15 years with simple, periodic cleaning. Remove dirt with a soft brush and mild cleanser, while you may have to tackle more stubborn accumulation with a non-abrasive cleaner.

By heeding AL13’s care guidelines, the cladding retains its rich facade and weatherproofing throughout the entire warranty period. These panels remain durable with very little maintenance. 

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Key Quality and Safety Validations

AL13 tests products to validate premier quality plus safety according to developer standards such as these:

  • American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • ASTM International
  • Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC)
  • Quality Assurance International (QAI)

Achieving esteemed certification criteria demonstrates the real-world resilience and reliability of AL13 rainscreen panels and planks.

So, Is AL13 the Top Choice?

Yes, AL13 delivers on all fronts. Their adaptable plank and panel rain screens conquer tough weather while meeting designer visions and building codes alike. Generous warranties and expert guidance further cement AL13 as the premium metal cladding brand. Some rivals lead in isolated areas, but none best AL13 holistically, making them the superior metal cladding solutions. 

AL13 Cladding Basics: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean AL13 panels?

Use mild cleansers and soft brushes or cloths to remove common dirt. Avoid abrasives, pressure washing, steel wool, and harsh chemicals that could impair finishes.

What building code certifications do AL13 systems have?

AL13 products meet long-term fire, weathering, and durability standards from AAMA, NFPA, ASTM, ULC, and QAI.

What ongoing maintenance do AL13 systems need?

Beyond occasional washing, AL13 cladding needs virtually no maintenance for its entire service life. Eliminating resealing and refinishing helps cut costs.

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