Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for August 8, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the August 8, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Ed in AL
I want to make a concrete countertop, but don’t want plain gray. Does the mix come in different colors?

“Jane” in PA
We’re trying to find out how snakes are getting in our basement. Once last year, another last week. It’s a new home with daylight walkout basement. Very tight! Can they be coming in the drains? Please help, I’m scared, even of a little garter snake!! Please don’t say my name on television, embarrassed!

Bryce in AL
I’m curious if a whole house dehumidifier would help reduce the cost of running the air conditioner?

Becky in MI
I was wondering if you could use texture paint to texture over an already textured ceiling? The present ceiling has about 3 different textures, none of which are very nice!!! What is the best way to update it?

Mrs. Hayes in MO
I had several candles on my deck and now the paraffin is stuck all in the boards. I’ve tried everything I know to get it out but nothing has helped.

Char in MO
There are a few windows on the north side of our home that have spots on the glass. Can it be cleaned? I love my windows but we got the home and these were already there. Help???

Doug in TN
My home, approximately 3600 ft. is all stucco. And I don’t know the best way to do it, the product, the distance you should be away from the house when spraying etc. Black water stains on gutter. Can you overdo, or too often?

Pete in MA
When installing tile in a bathroom, do I have to lift the vanity with sink up and tile under it? I was told by a friend that only the toilet has to be lifted. My bathroom is very small and the vanity with sink is the built-in type. I don’t want to re-build the bathroom just tile the floor.

Donald in MA
Is there a ceramic tile that can be used on our front steps? I live in NH so the weather can change from below zero to above 100 throughout the year.

Kathy in AL
I heard I could paint porcelain and wanted to know your thoughts about painting a tub, tile and toilet?

Wayne in MO
I want to shut off the main water supply to house when we leave for a long weekend. Would I have to shut off gas to the water heater or just turn it down?

Wesley in CO
Is it important to seal a concrete driveway? Our home is 8 years old. No sealer has been applied. Corners and edges are beginning to break off.

Garry in TX
How do you stop a toilet from squeaking while filling?

Teresa in WA
My front door is sticking up at the top. Is it from the weatherstripping? What can I do to fix this?



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