How to Get Hot Water Faster | Ep. 151

Water pouring from shower head
Waiting forever for hot water? Don’t waste your water or money — there’s a solution.

Nothing’s more frustrating than running the water and waiting what seems like forever for your water to heat up.

Not only is it a waste of your time, but it’s also a waste of your money.

Christine, from Michigan, wants to speed up the time it takes for the hot water to come out of her faucet.

“I’m amazed how much water I seem to waste turning on my kitchen or bathroom faucets waiting for hot water to come out,” she said.

One remedy is insulating water pipes. Foam pipe insulation comes in three-foot lengths that are already split down the side, so all you have to do is slip it over the pipe and a self-adhesive strip holds it together.

Measure the pipe diameter first so you can get the right-sized material. Invest in a disposable crawl suit if your pipes are under the house.

Insulation not only helps to heat water faster, it also helps prevent freeze damage during extreme temperatures.

If insulating your pipes is not enough, try purchasing a recirculating hot water system. The pump attaches to the hot water line at the water heater to circulate hot water throughout the home. A programmable timer can be set to turn the pump on only during the hours when hot water is typically used. 

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Solving the ‘Cold Water Sandwich’ problem

The “Cold Water Sandwich” problem has to do with tankless water heaters. It happens when your hot water starts running cold intermittently – hot, then cold, hot, then cold, hence the sandwich.

Tankless water heaters provide endless hot water, not instant hot water, so occasionally, the “Cold Water Sandwich” happens.

Dennis, from Alabama, has a solution for the “Cold Water Sandwich” problem.

Dennis suggests flushing your tankless water heater with vinegar. You’ll need a five-gallon bucket, submersible pump, two washing machine hoses, and vinegar. Disconnect the hoses on the tankless water heater and connect the washing machine hoses. Place the other ends of the washing machine hoses inside the bucket along with the submersible pump. Add about a gallon of vinegar, and let your tankless water heater run.

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In this episode, we also cover these topics:

  • Fiberglass or mineral wool insulation: Which one should you choose?
  • Solutions for updating your bathroom walls
  • Grass invading your asphalt driveway? Here’s how you can prevent it             

Best New Product

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Simple Solution

How To Safely Chop Scrap Wood For Kindling: If you burn wood in a fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, you’re constantly looking for kindling. Scrap wood cutoffs left over from the workshop, which are not large enough to be useful for anything else, are a great source. Here’s how to cut them without injuring yourself.

Fast Fix for Damaged Door Track — The metal track that forms the threshold of a sliding patio door takes quite a beating, which eventually renders it bent and crooked. All those battle scars not only leave the track looking ugly, but they also can cause the door to ride roughly and hop off the track. To repair the damage, lay a wooden block into the track, place one foot on top, and then use a hammer to pound out any bends, bumps and wrinkles.

Question of the Week

Q: My home was built in 2011. The water heater is in the attic, and I’d like to move it downstairs to our laundry room. How would I get the water heater out of the attic?

A: To move your water heater, disconnect it and empty out the water. Generally, the attic is the best place for a water heater because, remember, heat rises, so it’s usually the warmest place in your home. There is no need to move it, unless you would like the extra storage space.

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