Finally! A DIY-Friendly Way to Paint a Door Like a Pro

Let’s be honest, when painting one side of a door it’s annoying to have to wait for it to dry before starting to paint the other side. Well, here’s how to paint a door without the wait!

A sprayer is much easier to use, in this case, when painting a panel door. A standard paintbrush or a paint roller can take time and can be difficult with the risk of streaking depending on how many panels are in the door you’re painting. Here’s how to paint both sides without waiting for one of the sides to dry.

Take some screw hooks and screw them into the top of the door — one on each side. Next, get some rope and make a loop that can hang from a joist or other surface. Then, simply take your door and hang it from the rope loops held up by the joist!

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The door is now completely suspended from the joists and you can now easily paint the front and back sides of the door with a sprayer. Within a few minutes, you have a freshly painted door and wait for the whole thing to dry and not just one side!

Watch the video above for more information!

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