Lawn Care Tips — How to Mow Like a Pro

The difference between spending time cutting grass and enjoying backyard life comes down to having the right mower.

Exmark mowers deliver a perfect cut in less time, but to understand why Exmark’s mowers are superior in quality, you need to understand why the company makes mowers in the first place.

And you need to understand Exmark’s core values, which include respect for backyard living and delivering top performance.

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Tips to Mow Like a Pro

Did you know that those visible “stripes” found on high-end lawns and athletic fields aren’t created by varying lawnmower blade heights or by using different grass types?

In fact, those stripes and patterns are caused by light reflecting off blades of grass after they’ve been bent in opposite directions.

Learn how to give your lawn that professional look, and mow like a pro, by watching Brian Latimer’s lawn-striping demo video.

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About Done-in-a-Weekend Projects

Whatever your yard needs, the Exmark Original Series, “Done-In-A-Weekend Projects,” is loaded with DIY project tips and expertise.

The series’ host, landscape designer Doug Scott, addresses all the steps you need to take to make your dream backyard a reality.

And the best part? These are quick-hit videos that cut to the chase.

So, you can spend less time watching and more time creating and enjoying your backyard life.


  1. What examples? Nothing was explained about “lawn striping” except that it was a good thing to do. And, what does the “kit” do? What does it look like? This was a uses waste of my time. Most of the videos that I watch have great tips, this was, ahhhh, tip less.


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