A Modern Master Bathroom Makeover

Danny and Chelsea’s makeover for Ryan and Chloe Harkins’ bathroom features Armstrong’s waterproof, diamond-hard, luxury vinyl flooring.

Ryan and Chloe’s master bathroom needs a makeover, especially after the couple’s 4-year-old inadvertently flooded the area.

To compound matters, the vanity’s counter is too low, its wood is worn, the walls, mirror, light and plumbing fixtures need updates, and the toilet and ceramic tile need replacing.

This “Today’s Homeowner” episode features the following projects, among others:

“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford helps Ryan and Chloe’s son use a nail gun. Meanwhile, the vanity’s countertops await elevation.

Raising the Vanity


Sometimes, homeowners raise their entire vanity, but that would require cutting new holes for the plumbing, which could result in a messy look from the inside.

Instead, Danny uses 1x4s to raise the vanity from the top — extending the vanity to 36 inches tall. He uses 2x4s for the back, middle and side supports; that gives plenty of surface to attach the 1×4 across the front.

He then uses a narrow piece of screen molding to mask the seam where the new 1×4 meets the old vanity.

Do your cultured marble countertops show their age? You can give them a facelift.

Polishing Cultured Marble


Cultured marble can develop scratches over time. However, there’s a way to give your cultured marble countertops a facelift.

First, clean the countertop. Once surface dirt is removed, use an automotive polishing compound to deep-clean the piece.

Afterward, wet-sand the countertop with 1,000-grit sandpaper to remove scratches.

Then give it a quick rinse and apply more polishing compound.

If possible, use an automotive buffer to finish the project.


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