Fast Fall Fixes for Your Backyard

Concrete patio with dining set and umbrella
Power washing the concrete patio, bordering it with pavers and painting the siding are easy ways to refresh your backyard living space.

We’re fixing up a family’s backyard so it’s ready for some fall fun.

This house was built in 1986 and it’s home for John and Rebecca Dalgety and their two children, Gibson and Ellie.
But it needs some updates to be more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

The Projects


Add paver borders


The concrete patio needs pressure washing and, for a decorative touch, it could use a paver border.

We pressure wash the concrete slab, and then Chelsea, Bear and I begin digging out around the patio for our paver border project.

The trench around the patio is filled with paver base and packed down until it’s 9 and 1/2 inches below the patio surface, which is the level where we need to start stacking our pavers. We used Panorama Demi pavers from Pavestone.

When the first course is properly placed, we apply construction adhesive on top of it and begin laying the next row.

We continue stacking the pavers until they’re three rows high. Then we backfill between the pavers and the patio with more paver base. We mix up some fast-setting concrete to fill the last few inches before setting the final pavers perpendicular to the rest of them.

After that, I coat the patio with concrete Quikrete Stain, and after it dries, we can turn our attention to the landscaping while the ladies prep the patio furniture for paint.

There’s nothing like a pressure-washed patio with a paver border!


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