How High from Floor to Rough in Bathroom Plumbing?

How high from the finished floor should I rough in the plumbing in my bathroom for the tub, shower and sink? -Peter

Hi Peter,

There are no set-in-stone rules on how high to rough in the plumbing for a tub, shower, and sink; but the general rules of thumb are:

  • Tub Faucet Valves: 20”- 22” above finished floor
  • Tub Fill Spout: 4”- 6” above top of tub
  • Shower Valve: about 42” above tub floor
  • Showerhead: 65”- 78” above tub floor
  • Sink Drain: 18”- 20” above finished floor

Good luck with your project,


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  1. How High from Floor to Rough in Bathroom sink Plumbing? This install is for using the Studor mini vent on the sink drain line. So, do I want the rough drain height a little lower so I’ll have clearance in the bath sink cabinet, below the sink?

  2. Sergio, How high should a bathtub drain elevation be set above the horizontal drain pipe? My ABS drain pipe is currently running just below the underside of the subfloor. Do I need to set my tub drain elevation a few inches above the subfloor? Or would one inch do the job? Does the latter slow down the draining rate to unacceptable level? I can’t find any reference to these dimensions. I am trying to keep the Roman tub as low as possible so it doesn’t look so bulky. Thanks


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