How to Widen a Bathroom Doorway for a Wheelchair

My Mom has to use a wheelchair now, and our old door into the bathroom is too narrow for the wheelchair (it’s 28″ wide). I saw a 30” door that would work, but I don’t know how to make the frame wider to fit the door? -Sasha

Hi Sasha,

The best solution would be to remove the existing door along with the door frame around it, and replace it with a new 30” interior door unit that is prehung on the frame.

Depending on the size of the gap between the wall studs and the old door casing, you may have to enlarge the opening by removing one of the studs and reframing the opening. If you do, be sure to provide temporary support for the stud if it’s a load bearing wall.

Also, if the walls of your bathroom are tiled, be careful when removing the old door frame so you don’t break or dislodge the tile. Then the door casing will need to be trimmed back an inch on each side to fit around the tile.

Good luck with your project,



  1. I have about 1/4″gap betweem the bathroom door frame and the wall what would look appropiate to fill that with caulking or to extend the frame of the wood in other words glue it in it would be about 36″. I got a piece of wood at Lowes yesterday to trim down, but you can tell me for sure what would look best. I would have to stain it to match the frame and the door. Thanks Pat

  2. Issue: Narrow bath room doors that hinder wheel chair entry.

    We used an offset door hinge to provide just enough extra width to allow the wheel chair through the space…tight fit but works…

    Makes easier and less expensive than reconstruction.

    Hopefully this could help some folks. BTW hinges were not easy to find though.

    I enjoy the show. If I could offer one more thing. A short series on mobility issues in older homes and new inventive ways to solve the problems, like the off set hing… Thanks.


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