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Paul and Jessica Golden are new homeowners and recently married who would like to remodel the guest bathroom in their home which had been used as an art project by the previous owners.

Wallpaper and Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The first step in our small bathroom remodel is removing the art covered wallpaper backing and textured popcorn ceiling. Put three gallons of hot water in a five-gallon bucket and add:

Removing wallpaper with a putty knife.
Removing wallpaper.

    • 22 oz. concentrate wallpaper stripper, such as DIF.
    • 1 cup white vinegar
    • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 1/4 cup fabric softener

Fill a pump up sprayer with the solution, and saturate both the walls and ceiling with it. After the solution has soaked in and softened the wallpaper and ceiling texture, use a putty knife to scrape it off.

Use drywall joint compound to fill any gouges or low spots in the drywall. Allow the compound to dry, then sand the drywall smooth. A second coat of joint compound, followed by a second sanding, may be needed.

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Brown painted bathroom vanity with frame and panel doors and brass cleat hardware.
Repainted bathroom vanity with new doors and brass cleat door handles.

Vanity and Mirror

The walls in the bathroom were repainted (Behr, Irish Mist), and a new vanity top (Danby Mont Clair marble) installed.

New frame and panel doors were installed on the vanity with bronze cleat door pulls from Anthropologie (style# 26731836) and brass drawer knobs (style# 28842276). To make installation of the hardware easy, Glue Dots were used to hold the handles in place when attaching them to the doors.

A Moen brushed nickel Darcy faucet (model# 84551SRN) was installed in the vanity top to compliment the brushed nickel curved Moen shower rod (model# CSR2160BN), and the antique brass toilet paper holder (Amazon ASIN: B00LA3LYAQ).

A new mirror was attached to the wall using construction adhesive, and a molded wood frame constructed around it. Antique brass wall sconces from Restoration Hardware (item# 68470007ABR) were mounted on the wall through holes cut in the mirror.

Small bathroom after remodeling.
Small bathroom after remodeling with new mirror, lights, and vanity top.

Watch Selecting a Bathroom Vanity and How to Install a Bathroom Vanity to find out more.

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