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AJ and Alani Rodgers have been in their home for six years. They love the house, but not all of the decorating choices they inherited from the previous owner. The biggest offender is a lime green upstairs bathroom used by their two teenage sons. Our task is to create a beautiful bath from what now looks more like a locker room.

The transformation requires the completion of several simple projects:

Painting the Walls

Alani is no stranger to a paint roller but she does need a little help with prep work. Things like cleaning the edges of drywall holes and applying multiple coats of spackle before sanding make a big difference in the quality of a finished paint job.

Framing the Mirror

Like many bathrooms, this one featured a large, frameless mirror over the vanity. Adding a frame around such an existing mirror is an easy way to add an elegant look to any bathroom. In this case, we made it from cut-down baseboards and extended it up to the ceiling by adding plywood above the mirror to surround the light fixture which we also updated as part of this project.

Building a Window Seat

Part of this bathroom is built into one of the home’s dormers so it’s an ideal spot to add a window seat. In this case it makes an ideal spot to hide the dirty laundry hamper and the bathroom’s cleaning supplies. The design is simple, relying on a two-by-two framework attached directly to the walls and covered with cabinet grade plywood. The seat is hinged at the back to allow access to the hamper and cleaning supplies.

Glazing the Woodwork

The vanity cabinet was in good shape, but a little bland for Alani’s taste. So our solution was to apply a glaze to it, the new mirror frame and the window seat. A glaze is simply a paint or stain. What gives it its unique look is the technique of applying the glaze and then wiping it off with either a rag or a dry brush. In this case we use a rag to remove the warm tinted glaze from white cabinets.

Replacing Cabinet Hardware

The polished brass cabinet hardware was one of the first cues to this room’s age so we updated all of it with new hardware in oil-rubbed bronze.

Replacing Plumbing Fixtures

The plumbing fixtures were also out-of-date. To coordinate with the cabinet hardware and the newly glazed cabinetry Alani chose fixtures from Moen’s Ashville line in Mediterranean Bronze.

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