How to Boost Curb Appeal and Stage Your Home

Boosting your home’s curb appeal — its appearance from the public road — is important for two reasons: It makes your home look welcoming to guests and it attracts buyers to the property when you’re ready to sell.

Looking to sell your home in the spring? Here are suggestions to make a home attractive to potential buyers:

  • Pressure wash the home’s exterior — every surface you can, including the driveway, walkway, front steps and siding.
  • Clean windows — mix one cup of rubbing alcohol and two-thirds cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle with water and apply the solution with newspaper. Better yet, grab a partner and you can clean the windows from the inside while they clean the windows from the outside. It saves time!
  • Remove mold on your steps with oxygen bleach, not chlorine bleach.
  • Declutter the interior. That means reducing the number of furniture pieces and clear a path in each room to make the home look open.
  • Depersonalize. Remove any personal knick-knacks and pictures so potential buyers can see themselves in your home.
  •  Stage your home to make sure things look good and inviting

Even in the winter, you can do lots of things to make your home look great. 
Here are some examples:

  • Grab a hedge trimmer and trim the bushes — and prune, as needed — to make them more attractive and make windows more accessible.
  • Pull out all the weeds and apply pre-emergent fertilizer to prevent weed growth
  • Rake your flower beds and prep them for spring planting
  • Add new mulch — if you’ve used pine straw, try red woodchips to mix it up!

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    • Sure, Anne! Chelsea’s home exterior was painted with a 50-50 mix of Benjamin Moore’s Misted Green and Greyhound.


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