Interior design and home décor are two incredibly satisfying elements to owning a home. But often, applying that same creativity and inspiration to the exterior of your home can be confusing. Homeowners are unsure how to best mix colors and textures in ways that complement the feel of their home and the style of their neighborhood.

At Exterior Portfolio, we make it easy. We manufacture high-quality exterior siding products in an array of designer colors, textures and styles that allow homeowners to design beautiful custom exteriors. With our online tool, Dream Designer, homeowners can dream, create and see what new exterior elements look like on their own home. Here are four easy steps to get started.

Check It Out. Walk around your yard and get a feel for how your house fits into your neighborhood, how it looks from different angles and during different times of the day. Look at how your landscaping, trees and flowers work together to make your home warm and welcoming. And look at how a few important exterior features on your home fit together. Features like doors and entries, corners and trim, windows and shutters, porches and patios. These are all elements that can impact the design and feel of your home.

Take Notes and Make a Wish List. Just like you might do for a kitchen or bedroom redesign, pay attention to what you like. Browse through magazines or drive through neighborhoods, take notes of exteriors that appeal to you. Try to identify the features and elements that stand out. Think about the impression you want your house to make and draw from ideas, colors and themes that you like. Visit colors, textures and moods you’ve created inside your house and how they might be reflected on the outside. Remember, bringing inspirations to life, inside or out, can be fun!

Understand the Elements. Have an understanding of your home’s basic style. Most homes today are a blending of architectural styles, but if you can identify and understand some key architectural characteristics, you can zero in on specific design opportunities. If you need help, check out Next, you’ll want to consider the things you can change on the outside of your house (siding, shutters, doors, trim, etc.) and how you can change them. Think about how contrast and color, focal point highlights and exterior surfaces and frames can all work together to create the exterior you want.

Bring Your Dream to Life. The fun continues! Check out Dream Designer at and start designing. Dream Designer lets you play with mixing and matching colors, textures and styles to give your home a whole new look. Then once you have imagined that exciting new exterior, only Dream Designer lets you order a high-definition design board with true-to-size product images, as well as 12-inch cut pieces of the actual products used in your design, all for just a nominal fee. Start dreaming. With Exterior Portfolio, thinking outside has never been easier or more fun!

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