Simple Solutions

  • Clean-Cut Bolts – Here’s how to shorten a machine bolt, threaded rod or carriage bolt, without messing up the threads. First, thread two hex nuts onto the bolt, then make the cut using a hacksaw or jigsaw with a metal-cutting blade. Spin off the nuts, one at a time, using a wrench if necessary. When the nuts come off the end of the bolt, they’ll re-cut and straighten out any threads that were damaged by the saw, making it easy to thread the nut back on.
  • Custom Paint Pad – It’s virtually impossible to paint in tight spaces and narrow openings unless you custom-make a painting pad. Start by purchasing some miniature paint-pad refills, which are typically about 1¼ wide x 2½ in. long. Next, use a utility knife to bevel the end of a paint stir stick. Then, slide the stick into the channel on the back of the painting pad. Now use this extremely thin, narrow pad to apply paint where you could never reach with a brush, roller or standard-size pad.

Best New Product

When it comes to spreading materials like seed and fertilizer on your lawn you have two options – rolling spreaders or handheld units. The rolling models take up lots of space, and the handheld units require constant turning of that little crank. Until now… the Scotts Wizz Handheld Power Spreader requires no cranking handle because it’s battery powered. Just pull the power trigger and the motor accurately and consistently throws a 5 ft. spread of the material your lawn needs. Four AA batteries power the motor. And, although it’s small and lightweight, the Wizz holds twice as much as any other handheld spreader, allowing you to spread an entire 2,500 sq. ft. lawn with no refill needed.

You can purchase this product at The Home Depot.

Straight from the Pro

Want to make your guest room do double duty as a home office? Tune in to hour 2 for lots of tips and ideas when we go Straight to the Pro: Christopher Grubb, interior designer and founder and president of Arch-Interiors design group Inc. in Beverly Hills, CA.

Hour 1

  • Ben in NC: We have owned our 35-year-old home for over 20 years. In the last 3 years, I have felt symptoms from the house similar to my allergy to cats – slightly irritated eyes and nasal. We have no pets. We use a dehumidifier in our finished basement of sheetrock on exterior masonry block and brick (slight moldy smell at times.) Our wastewater line to the street runs under the 10-year-old driveway and the asphalt does show some signs of retaining moisture. Our front 8 brick stoop entrance is settling away from the front of the house a bit, with some separation in bricks. There are no visible signs of mold or water inside at any point. What do you recommend? Would hiring a home inspector be a route to investigate this or a contractor?
  • Mary in MI: I have a rust stain my cement patio. What’s the best way to remove it?
  • Bill in OH: We have a bowed basement wall at an inch. Can we use carbon fiber strips to hold the wall or must we use steel beams?

Hour 2

  • Donna in PA: How do I paint a metal front door? Should I do it myself or have someone do it, like an auto detailer?
  • Kathy in MI: I am interested in options for finishing my garage floor. I live in Michigan so it must hold up to freezing temps and road salt. Concrete dye? Stain? Epoxy? Help!!! I have extensive DIY experience. Nothing scares me. I just finished the easy part of the project- painting garage ceiling, walls and installing beadboard and trim there. Neighbors are touring my garage so often I should charge admission!

danny lipford

Danny Lipford is among the country’s most sought-after home improvement experts.

The seasoned remodeling contractor and media personality served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s “The Early Show” and The Weather Channel for over a decade and has made more than 180 national television appearances on “Fox & Friends,” “Inside Edition,” “Morning Express with Robin Meade,” Fox Business Channel, Rachael Ray and more.

He travels the country making appearances as a brand ambassador and spokesperson, and each year contributes expertise to hundreds of popular magazines and online media outlets.

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Danny Lipford is a home improvement expert and television personality who started his remodeling business, Lipford Construction, at the age of 21 in Mobile, Alabama. He gained national recognition as the host of the nationally syndicated television show, Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford, which started as a small cable show in Mobile. Danny's expertise in home improvement has also led him to be a contributor to popular magazines and websites and the go-to source for advice on everything related to the home. He has made over 200 national television appearances and served as the home improvement expert for CBS's The Early Show and The Weather Channel for over a decade. Danny is also the founder of 3 Echoes Content Studio,, and Checking In With Chelsea, a décor and lifestyle blog.

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