Advantages of Cellular PVC Exterior Trim Boards

Window trimmed with Royal Cellular PVC.
Window trimmed with Royal Cellular PVC.

Wood trim on the outside of your home needs to be painted regularly and can rot over time. Cellular PVC trim from Royal Building Products are more durable than wood and will never rot, crack, or split.

Cellular PVC boards can be cut to size and attached just like wood. Watch this video to find out more.

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The wood on the outside of your home takes a beating from the elements, so sooner or later you’ll need to repair some water damage. If you replace it with more wood, the chances are good that you’ll repeat the job in a few years.

For a lasting repair, choose something that water won’t affect. Trim boards and panels made from cellular PVC will never rot, crack, or split. This material can be cut and nailed just as easily as wood, so repairs are easy and permanent.

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  1. We have a deck that has been trimmed out with PVC exterior trim boards and has the porch railing spindles attached to it. over the years the squirrel have used it to sharpen their teeth. is there a way to fill and repair without take the railing off.

    • Hi, Robert,

      Danny says, “Well, this is a very tricky repair but you can restore the shape of the wood by using an automobile body filler known by the brand name of Bondo.

      “However, that will then require you to paint the railing to get the consistent color. Of course, you may try to patch and only paint just the patched area and hope that it’ll blend into the white color.

      Good luck!”

  2. Hi, Robert!
    We provide questions to Danny Lipford, America’s leading home improvement expert, on a weekly basis. We’re not able to answer every question due to the high volume of mail we receive and Danny’s busy schedule, but we sure do our best.
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