Why Construction Adhesive is the Handiest Product

Five home improvements that require Titebond Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
Construction adhesive makes these home improvements — among others — much easier.

Some adhesives have so many uses that they eventually become a regular supply in your workshop.

Titebond’s Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive is such a product because it exceeds other adhesives in flexibility, grab strength and bond.

Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, to build or repair something, there’s a good chance it will come in handy.

If you’re wondering what you can do with it, here are 5 uses for this product.

Danny Lipford installing Purple thermal insulation
These insulation boards need just one thing to stick to the cinder blocks: construction adhesive.

1. Hanging Drywall

If you’ve got a room with cinderblock walls, you need to attach furring strips, or thin pieces of wood, to raise the surface and make space for insulation and drywall.

Just add construction adhesive on the backs of clean, pressure-treated 1-by-4s and frame the cinderblock wall before you nail the furring strips into place.

Then add construction adhesive on the backs of half-inch foam insulation boards before placing them between the furring strips.

The adhesive will hold everything in place until you install your drywall.

Basement makeover with new drywall
No one will ever know this room had cinderblock walls.

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Applying Titebond Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive to corner blocks during countertop installation
When it comes to these corner blocks, just a dab of construction adhesive will do ya.

2. Installing Countertops

Whether you’re installing a new countertop or replacing an old one, construction adhesive and short screws make the job a breeze.

To simplify installation, nail triangular corner blocks to the tops of the cabinets; these provide a wide, stable surface for mounting the countertop.

Next, apply construction adhesive on the tops of the corner blocks and the cabinets and set the countertop in place.

Then, drive short screws up through the corner blocks to finalize the new countertop’s installation.

Butcher block countertop with modern kitchen faucet and apron sink
This beautiful butcher block countertop? Mostly held in place with construction adhesive.

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