The AZEK Company dedicates itself to developing, motivating, reinventing, changing, and driving the home renovation sector in a sustainable direction. 

They are the market leader in attractive, low-maintenance, and ecologically friendly outdoor living products, such as TimberTech decking, Versatex, and AZEK Trim.

They are sincerely devoted to advancing the usage of recycled materials to have a lasting influence on the planet.

A Brief Introduction to TimberTech Railing

TimberTech is a market leader in the sector of decking, railing, and outdoor living products. They employ their items in various settings, from minor to extensive, essential to opulent.

This review will walk you through the railing systems offered by TimberTech, how to acquire them and how much you can anticipate spending, as well as some pertinent advantages and drawbacks of TimberTech railings.

Technology and TimberTech/Azek

Technology, excellence, and sustainability go hand in hand, and TimberTech proudly proclaims that it excels in all three categories.

TimberTech has made significant investments in its production facilities, systems, and processes, enabling the company to produce high-quality products consistently. Additionally, TimberTech employs stringent testing procedures to maintain the highest level of quality control.

TimberTech carries on to customers its emphasis on technology and high-quality workers, who can anticipate superior customer service and long-lasting deck railing.

TimberTech/Azek Railing Types

TimberTech presently provides seven distinct railing designs to accommodate a range of design concepts, space constraints, and price constraints.

Premier Rail, Radiance Rail, Trademark Rail, and Drink Rail are all included in this series. The Classic Composite Series’ various profiles allow customization while maintaining a durable and low-maintenance lifestyle.

You can modify the infills, top rails, and colors to produce almost any design you choose.

Available in the following colors: black, white (White is the only color available for the Trademark Rail.)

As its name says, the Reserve Rail infuses your railing design with boldness, strength, and majestic elegance. The Reserve adds drama and is TimberTech’s biggest profile railing.

Make a statement with this railing on expansive decks, porches, or balconies.

Colors Available: White

This railing’s profile adds a touch of traditional flair while remaining within a budget-friendly pricing range. RadianceRail Express installers may expect classic appearances and value.

Available in the following colors: black, Kona (medium brown), and white.

This time-honored design has a rounded edge and a functional drink rail top for a clean aesthetic. A continuous top rail complements practically any contemporary design.

Colors available: Traditional Walnut, Traditional Black

Those who desire a railing that matches their decking will be glad to learn that the Builder Rail accomplishes this. They constructed the top rail of deck boards, and this railing is installed over the post, obviating the need for post caps entirely.

Available in colors of Traditional Walnut, Traditional Black

Durable, svelte, and straightforward. The Impression Rail combines these architectural characteristics to improve the view beyond your railings and create cast iron’s appearance without the associated cost.

Available in the following colors: black, dark bronze

As the name says, this is just the Impression Rail precut and assembled. Utilize this ready-to-install railing to tackle the job on your own or delegate it to a deck specialist.

Available in the following colors: black, dark bronze, and white

Costs of TimberTech/Azek Railing

The price of TimberTech railing products varies as much as the goods themselves. Composite deck railing typically costs about $55 per linear foot, including installation. Composite fences usually cost approximately $30 per linear foot if you’re up for a do-it-yourself job.

A quick search of TimberTech goods via multiple channels reveals a broad range of costs, depending on the scope and size of your project. For example, a Universal Rail Pack for Composite Balusters might cost between $89 and $130, depending on the size (6 or 8-foot lengths are available) and color pick.

Why Should You Opt for TimberTech/Azek Railings?

Every construction material has several advantages and disadvantages – TimberTech railings are no exception. While the items have received several awards, this does not guarantee to be suitable for your application.

Problems with TimberTech Railing

  • The initial investment is considerable: There is no getting past the reality that TimberTech railings are an initial investment. With that stated, investment is the appropriate phrase since these railings are likely to outlast those made of other materials.
  • Unusual structural requirements: Composites are well-known for their fragility compared to wood or metals, which necessitates the usage of feet under longer railing spans.
  • Extreme heat poses a danger: In hot weather, railings may droop, bend, or become mushy. Additionally, you should keep away grills and barbeques from fences since the heat generated by these devices may cause irreversible damage.
  • Fading colors may be an issue: Each composite material is susceptible to color fading. UV rays can brighten even the finest composites. They manufactured TimberTech products using innovative technology to guarantee this is not the case.
  • Staining may be a problem: Spills of some liquids can stain, mainly if left over an extended length of time. Clean up any wine spills immediately!
  • Paint and composites are incompatible: Even TimberTech admits that while painting their railing is technically conceivable, it is unlikely to produce a high-quality finish. Be sure of your choice since the color will remain until the fences are changed.
  • It is virtually hard to repair the damage: If you drop a chef’s knife while preparing vegetables for the grill, the piece of composite you create will be challenging to improve. In contrast to wood, composite cannot be sanded or filled.

TimberTech Railing Advantages

  • Typically, composite railing posts are sleeves that fit existing or newly installed wood 4×4 posts. TimberTech provides a Secure Mount Post that entirely dispenses the need for wood posts. It may be immediately attached to composite or concrete surfaces.
  • TimberTech provides a range of appearances and textures that closely resemble wood decking and railing.
  • While painting composites is not feasible, TimberTech provides a color pallet that compliments most applications.
  • To say that it is low maintenance is an understatement. Cleaning TimberTech railings is as easy as soap and water, followed by a light hose rinse.
  • Industry-leading warranties back TimberTech railings. TimberTech AZEK products come with a guaranteed 50-year stain and fading warranty.
  • Composite materials are strong and resistant to abrasion. Furthermore, bugs are a non-issue.
  • TimberTech products are developed and produced to the most remarkable ecological standards, using extensive recycling facilities and novel concepts.
  • Manipulation and installation of composite materials do not need specialized tools. Even do-it-yourself tasks are possible using the same equipment used to construct wood railings.
Today’s Homeowner Tips

If TimberTech/Azek products interest you, you can purchase them in various ways. As with wood construction supplies, composite and aluminum railings are not always readily available. There are occasions when you may buy TimberTech items online via Lowe’s or other “big box” retailers.

While TimberTech does not sell directly to consumers (DTC), they provide a tool to assist you in locating a reliable dealer in your region. Find the tool here:

If you’re thinking about installing Azek railings in your home, it’s essential to do the proper research. It isn’t always easy to tell how long a fence will last or if it will stick around once you’ve installed it. You can leave a comment on this article if you have any further questions about Azek rails or want to share your own experiences with them.

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