We’re taking a look back at what made 2018 a little bit simpler. We compiled a list of Joe Truini’s 10 Simple Solutions of 2018 that will help you around the house.

1. A Fork is All You Need — The Easy Way to Hang Pictures

Sometimes, the simplest projects around the house can be the most frustrating, including hanging pictures.

Now, the best way to hang pictures is with a single nail on the wall and a wire along the back of the picture frame.
The reason this system works so well is that the pictures hang on one point on the nail and the wire allows you to adjust them easily to keep them level.

But the challenge is when the wire is pulled tight; there’s not much room to slip it onto the nail head and sometimes it takes several tries before you finally catch the nail head.

So, here’s how to solve that problem: all you need is a fork, a regular old dinner fork.

2. How to Smooth Joint Compound with Less Mess!

Patching drywall is not particularly difficult, but it can be really messy, because once the joint compound dries you have to sand it with sandpaper — and that creates a lot of really super-fine dust that’s virtually impossible to collect.

Rather than use sandpaper to smooth the joint compound, try using a scouring sponge. This is much faster and it doesn’t create any dust.

3. How to Build a Storage Shelf Under the Kitchen Sink

In most kitchens, the base cabinet below the sink offers the most amount of storage space.

Unfortunately, this is how most of us use that space: We just toss things in there, pretty disorganized.

Here’s a Simple Solution: build a shelf that will fit in there and will nearly double the storage space and help you organize all your supplies.

4. How to Stop Garbage Can Suction

Most people collect leaves by putting them into a plastic bag inside a trash can.

There’s nothing wrong with that, except when you go to remove the bag, often the bag forms suction at the bottom and you can’t get the bag out.

Here’s a way to solve that, to break that vacuum, is to introduce a little air by drilling holes in the can.

5. How to Make a Mini Greenhouse

Want to get a head start on the planting season? Just start planting from seeds indoors.

If you want to accelerate that process, make a mini greenhouse from a plastic soda bottle.

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