We’re taking a look back at what made 2018 a little bit simpler. We compiled a list of Joe Truini’s 10 Simple Solutions of 2018 that will help you around the house.

    Hang Pictures With a Fork

    Picture hanging frustrations often arise from wires catching on nail heads. Rather than repeated attempts to spear the slender wire, use a fork’s wider tines as a guide. This provides ample space to slide the wire onto the wall nail effortlessly. Then simply slide the fork off while holding the wire in place.

    Smooth Joint Compounds With Less Mess

    While patching drywall is fairly straightforward, sanding joint compounds creates substantial fine dust that is difficult to contain and clean.

    Rather than sandpaper, quickly smooth the joint compound using an abrasive scouring sponge. The sponge sands without generating an airborne mess.

    Build a Storage Shelf Under a Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen sink cabinets provide ample but disorganized storage. You can optimize space for your cleaning products by installing shelves. Measure between the sides, allowing plumbing clearance. Then, cut shelves from 3⁄4” plywood and screw in metal brackets for support. 

    Stop Garbage Can Suction

    When lifting leaf-filled lawn bags from cans, vacuum suction prevents removal. Stop this by drilling vent holes in the base — airflow eliminates suction so bags lift out easily.

    Make a Mini Greenhouse

    Get a head start on planting by sprouting seeds indoors. Accelerate germination by repurposing clear soda bottles as mini greenhouses.

    Thoroughly clean and add drainage holes. Partly fill with soil, plant seeds, and mist until sprouts emerge. Tight spaces and plastic retain humidity and warmth, boosting growth.

    Clean and Disinfect a Wood Cutting Board

    Wood boards harbor germs without sanitizing. You can disinfect without toxins using lemon juice and salt.

    First, kill bacteria by rubbing lemon juice over surfaces. Next, sprinkle salt — the salt will scour while the acidity of the lemon disinfects. Once you’re finished, simply rinse the board thoroughly.

    Extend Your Reach While Trimming Trees

    You can extend your overhead reach by attaching handles to PVC extensions. To do this. remove handles from loppers. Slide pipes over arms and reattach handles. Now, you can leverage long handles from the ground to cut branches up to five feet higher.

    Scoop Wood Glue Residue to Protect Your Wood Grain

    After clamping glued joints, excess glue oozes out. If you try to wipe it, you can stain the wood by driving glue into the porous grain.

    Instead, cleanly scoop glue with a plastic straw edge. The stiffness scrapes without digging into raw wood. Then, gently wipe up the remnants, preserving the pristine surface.

    Connect a Miter Saw to a Wet-Dry Vacuum

    Portable miter saws lack attachments for shop vacuum hoses. You can connect dust extraction using old bike tubes. Cut, split, and zip tie a tube length behind saw blades. The next time you’re cutting, the enclosure will neatly extract sawdust.

    Get an Economical, Professional-Grade Paint Job

    Applying paint solely with brushes takes far too long. For efficiency, use brushes just on edges and tight areas. On broad surfaces, utilize a foam roller, paint pail, and roller screen.

    Start by cutting in the edges with the brush. Roll the foam pad in the submerged screen, allowing excess paint to drain through the holes. The perforated screen evenly covers rollers to apply smooth, consistent coats without drips.

    So, Is This Collection of Simple Solutions Helpful for Homeowners?

    Absolutely. This collection demonstrates how many frustrating household issues can be resolved through quick, ingenious fixes using ordinary items. From efficiently hanging pictures to safely sanitizing cutting boards to accessing hard-to-reach tree branches from the ground, Truini’s practical solutions prove the usefulness of basic DIY techniques.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    These convenient tips help homeowners save substantial time, money, and aggravation maintaining homes using affordable, ubiquitous objects rather than specialty gear or professional skill sets. Handy residents can replicate clever methods like these to conquer nagging to-do list items without calling contractors or investing in tools.

    The straightforward simplicity of these useful tricks makes trial effortless before attempting riskier solutions. So when minor home projects arise, consider how basic household staples can unlock surprisingly easy and effective methods to tackle repairs yourself.

    FAQs About Simple Solutions for Homeowners

    What makes these solutions helpful for average homeowners?

    They utilize common household items in inventive ways, allowing self-reliant residents to complete repairs themselves using available materials versus specialty tools or skills.

    Does replicating these solutions require prior DIY expertise?

    No. Their brilliance eliminates skill barriers through ordinary objects rather than technical prowess. Anyone can follow these straightforward steps to achieve quality outcomes.

    How much time and effort do these solutions require compared to traditional approaches?

    Far less of both. Each solution greatly reduces process length and physical exertion through quick, simple actions instead of intensive, complex projects.

    Can these guides be modified using similar household items if exact tools aren't available?

    Yes. While the specifics enable exceptional outcomes, comparable substitutes also work effectively. The repair concepts matter more than precisely matching materials.

    Where else can I discover unique solutions like these for home repairs?

    Today’s Homeowner’s website and YouTube offer countless creative, budget-friendly DIY tips for resolving common household issues on your own. Their expansive archive is a go-to resource for home improvement guidance.

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