5 Organizing Tips to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Want a spa-like bathroom? Then de-clutter that space.

2. Give Your Bathroom the Spa Treatment

Spas largely owe their tranquil feel to the sheer absence of clutter. The best spas keep their inventory tucked away to create a sense of calm.

Replicate this handy trick in your bathroom.

Keep towels rolled up in wicker or wooden baskets. In addition to being convenient storage spaces, a basket’s natural elements provide soothing texture and contrast.

Clear your bathroom counter of clutter. Make use of your medicine cabinet, install a pull-out shelf under the sink, prop a floating shelf — whatever it takes. Get rid of your counter’s eyesores and leave room for comforting embellishments.

Choose spa-like touches like:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Your favorite candles
  • Vanity trays for holding lotions, colognes, or perfumes.

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