New Homeowner House Repairs

Man and woman standing outside their house.
New homeowners Jay Jackson and Laura Stone outside their house.

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In this episode we’re helping new homeowners Jay Jackson and Laura Stone make improvements and repairs to their home.

Replace Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Our first project was to replace the antiquated bath vent fan using a Bath Fan Upgrade Kit from NuTone (model# 690NT).

Danny Lipford replacing old bathroom vent fan.
Danny Lipford replacing old bathroom vent fan.

To install a bath fan upgrade kit:

    1. Remove the old fan cover.
    1. Unplug the motor and remove the motor unit.
    1. Match a fan mounting plate in the kit to the old fan.
    1. Attach the new fan motor to the fan mounting plate.
    1. Install the new fan motor and mounting plate in the fan housing.
    1. Plug the fan motor into the housing.
  1. Attach the new fan cover.

Watch Replacing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan to find out more.

Applying caulking around bathtub.
Applying caulking around bathtub.

Caulk Bathtub

Next, we removed the old caulking around the tub and replaced it with Titebond Ultimate MP Sealant. Denatured alcohol was misted on the caulk to make it easy to smooth.

A Homax Caulk Finishing Set (model# 5860) was used to remove the old caulking, while Homax Tub & Sink Refinishing Kits can be used to apply a new finish to an old bathtub.

Watch How to Caulk Around a Tub and Refinishing Bathroom Fixtures to find out more.

Add Window Casings

Window on gold wall with white window casing and louvered shade.
New interior window casings.

To improve the look of the windows, we added window casing.

First, we removed and replaced the existing window stool so it extended further on each end.

Next, we mitered pieces of window casing, cut the pieces to length, and nailed the casing in place around the window.

The final step was to fill the nail holes and paint the casing.

Watch Installing Wood Window Casing to find out more.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash

We added a glass tile backsplash to the wall behind the stove using SimpleMat peel-and-stick tile setting mat.

We started by cleaning the wall before applying the adhesive mat. Next, the protective covering on the mat was removed, and the mosaic tile (Jeffrey Court French Palace Stone Marble Mosaic Wall Tile, model# 99433) were applied followed by grout.

Watch Installing a Mosaic Tile Backsplash to find out more.

Applying glass tile backsplash to wall.
Applying glass tile to SimpleMat adhesive tile setting sheet.

To give plastic laminate countertops the look of granite, consider refinishing them with a Granite Countertop Paint kit from Giani.

Watch How to Apply Granite Countertop Paint to find out more.

Lawn Care

To properly care for your lawn, buy a quality lawn mower, such as those from Lawn-Boy, mulch the clippings, and set the height of the blade to cut no more than a third of the grass.

Read Proper Grass Mowing Height to find out more.

Fascia boards on eave repaired with cellular PVC trim.
Fascia boards on eave repaired with cellular PVC trim.

Exterior Home Maintenance and Repair

To improve the look of the concrete patio, it was cleaned using a Generac OneWash pressure washer.

Cellular PVC trim boards from Royal Building Products were used to replace rotten eave boards on the house.

If you’re moving into a new home, check out our First Time Homeowner site for a wealth of articles, videos, and more.

Other Tips from This Episode

Office organizer in kitchen cabinet for storage.

Simple Solutions with Joe Truini:
Desk Organizer Kitchen Storage

A desk organizer is a great way to organize flat items, like cutting boards and cookie sheets, in your kitchen. Simply position the organizer inside a cabinet, and then load it up. Using a tiered organizer makes it easy to see everything at once. (Watch Video)

Kitchen faucet mounted on wall in store display.

Best New Products with Jodi Marks:
Delta Dominic Kitchen Faucet

The Delta Dominic (model# 19940T-SPSD-DST) single-handle faucet includes a pull-down sprayer and Touch2O Technology to turn on or off at a touch. The stainless steel faucet comes with a soap dispenser and is available at The Home Depot. (Watch Video)

Tile that was installed over vinyl flooring.

Ask Danny Lipford:
Installing Tile Over Vinyl Flooring

You can lay ceramic tile directly over a vinyl floor on a concrete slab using thin-set adhesive as long as the vinyl is glued securely to the concrete and in good condition. When laying tile over vinyl on a wood floor, nail or screw a layer of cement backer board over the vinyl before tiling. (Watch Video)


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