5 Organizing Tips to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Use a storage ottoman to hide throws, books, board games and anything else you’re not using. Guests will never know!

3. Give Your Living Room New Life

Living rooms should be communal spaces for the whole family to gather. But all that gathering can quickly translate into several piles of personal items.

Maybe we doze off while reading, leaving a book on the couch by accident. Or we develop the habit of tossing a sweater on the reading chair every time we enter the home. And what about that pile of blankets that keeps growing, threatening to tumble every time you reach for a pillow?

Here’s one simple trick to keep that warm, familial vibe of the living room intact, while making it even more comfortable: incorporate storage nooks around the room.

A storage ottoman is the perfect way to keep your favorite pillows and throws close at hand but neatly stowed away. Load the box up with all your family movie night necessities: extra pillows, blankets, and any special remote controls.
They’ll be there when you need them, and out of sight when you don’t.

Another quick solution to the living room clutter is to add risers to the couch. This tweak adds extra space that’s perfect for stashing floor seating to pull out when needed. Just make sure to cover these items to protect them from dirt before sliding them under the couch.

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