What You Should Know Before Installing A Wood Fence | Ep. 42

Wooden fence under construction
What do you do when 500 feet of wooden fencing needs installing and staining? Listen to our advice, that’s what!

On this Week’s Podcast:

Solutions for a homeowner who’s installing 500 feet of wood fencing — hear how Danny and Joe would tackle the installation and staining. 

Trees and their roots can lead to uneven walkways. While you could replace your concrete sidewalk, we’ve got a solution that will let you keep it. 

• Do you have a big yard and need to rake soil? Try mechanizing your raking! Joe explains in this week’s Simple Solution.

• Tips for creating a spooky — and safe — Halloween setup for your home.

Question of the Week:

Robert in Rhode Island writes, “Earlier today, my wife, and I were in the back yard, and I noticed the end of the vinyl siding was hanging. Is there any way to secure the siding.”

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