Fall Home Maintenance To-Do List

Using homemade scoop from plastic container to remove leaves from gutter.

Outdoor Fall House Cleaning

  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts: Clogged and overflowing gutters can damage your home's soffits, fascia, and foundation when water flows over the top of the gutter. As autumn leaves begin to fall, be sure to keep your gutters clean and downspouts unclogged. To make this chore easier, cut the bottom and side out of an old plastic jug that’s the same width as your gutter, and use it to scoop the debris into a garbage bag hooked over the top of your ladder. Then use the sprayer on your garden hose to rinse out the gutter and free up any clogged downspouts. When you’re finished empty the bags of organic matter into your compost pile!
  • Trim Tree Limbs: To reduce the risk of fire, trim tree limbs at least 10' away from your chimney. While you're at it, trim away any tree limbs that are close to your roof, especially dead branches that could fall in a snowstorm and damage your roof or gutters.
  • Store Firewood: Fall is also a good time to stock up on firewood for cozy fires on cold winter evenings. If you're purchasing firewood to burn inside your home, look for 100% hardwood logs that have been dried and aged a year or more. Make sure they're cut to a length that will easily fit inside your fireplace. Stack the firewood neatly, so it’s easily accessible, but keep firewood away from the exterior of your home to prevent termites, snakes, and rodents from finding their way inside.


    • Hi Debra,
      Glad to hear our to-do lists are of help! On the last page is a button for a printable version to print out and check them off.

  1. Hey Danny! Love your show what a blessing!! I have a large home. I’m a single Grandma raising 4 special needs grand kids. They are very high functioning. i would like to know how to start the kids in helping keep our home in top shape. Like planting flowers. And keeping the yard manicured and the trampoline always havehave pile of pinestraw on it. Are kids too young to help withwith home project?


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