Here Comes Fall

Here Comes Fall

Our country is so diverse especially when it comes to weather. It can be 95 degrees in Mobile, Alabama, where I live and 60 degrees in New York at the same time. What this means is, some parts of the country start thinking about fall and cooler months a lot quicker than others and if you think about it, the first day of fall is only 16 days away. Hard to believe. It’s a good time to start thinking ahead about what you would like to do to your home to prepare it for colder weather. We have numerous articles here on our website and will be posting more soon to help you save money and be more comfortable.

Speaking of fall, I will be live all day on the Weather Channel September 23 from Fish Creek, Wisconsin, sharing ideas of things you can easily do around your home to prepare.

I have never been more excited about a new season than I am about our 10th season that starts the week of September 23rd. New graphics, great new music, a few new faces and an overall facelift/remodel that will allow us to provide you even more useful info in a slightly more contemporary style.

Yesterday I completed my 100th appearance on the Early Show on CBS and now I’m near Youngstown, Ohio about to tape a piece for my CBS “Clean and Green” series that will air the last week of September. This series will highlight many new ideas that have been submitted by viewers across the country on how they are “living green”. We are receiving many very interesting methods homeowners have adopted in their homes to make our world a better place. I hope you will tune in.

Thanks for all your support and great comments we have received on our website, our show, and my appearances on CBS and The Weather Channel.



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