Replacing a damaged shingle:

  1. Use a flat pry bar under the shingle to break the seal.
  2. Remove the roofing nails that are holding it in place.
  3. Slide out the old shingle.
  4. Using a roofing hammer, nail a new one in place, making sure the nails are covered by the shingles above.
  5. Replace any nails you removed from the shingles above the damaged one.
  6. Reseal the shingle tabs with roofing cement and coat any roofing nails.

      Remove nails               Replace shingle             Nail in place

Replacing a damaged roof flange:

  1. Remove the shingles around the vent.
  2. Pull out any nails that are holding the flange in place.
  3. Slide the old flange up over the pipe.
  4. Nail a new flange in place.
  5. Reattach the shingles around it.
  6. Bend the lead casing over the inside of the vent pipe to keep water from running between the pipe and flange.
  7. Flanges are also available with a rubber gasket that seals around the outside of the pipe.

      Remove nails             Take out old vent           Attach new vent

Repairing roof valleys:

Be sure to clean roof valleys regularly. If the valleys are rusty, clean them with a wire brush and apply rust inhibiting paint.

                  Remove rust                                 Paint flashing


As they age asphalt shingles can become more brittle and less flexible. That means that if they’re blown up by strong wind, they may break instead of snapping back afterward. Each of these tabs is actually only a third of a complete single and if possible it’s best to replace the whole thing instead of just one tab.

To do this you’ll need to lift up the tabs of the damage shingle and the once above it so that you can remove the nails. Once the damage shingle is free you can replace it with the new one of the similar color and style. Don’t forget to replace the nails from the course above when you nail in the new shingle and cover any nails or nail holes with the glove of roofing cement.

It’s not a bad idea to stick the tabs down with a little of this sticky stuff. Roof jacks around plumbing vents can simply ware out overtime but sometimes they get a little help from neighborhood squirrels who like to sharpen they’re teeth on the lead lees. Replacement is the best solution here and that begins with removing the shingles that lap over the vent base so that you could take off the damage vent and replace it with the new one of the same size.

Nail down the upper side of the vent base and replace the shingle above it, if the shingle is damage you’ll have to notch a new one to take it’s place. The valleys were two planes of the roof meat, often catch leaves and debris and when they do the flow of water is slow down that can create a damage effect and force the water back up under the shingles. So it’s important to keep this area clear sometimes this valleys are covered with metals and if they loss they’re coating they’re beginning to rust and a leak wont be far behind.

A scraper or wire brush will remove the rust but you’ll also want to clean the middle so that you can recoat it with a rusted inhibiting pain to protect the metal taken old care to match the shingles that go a long way in making the roof look better from the street.

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