How to Change the Air Filter in Your Home

It’s important to replace the air filter on your central heating/cooling system every one to three months to keep the system operating efficiently.

Open the return cover and remove the old filter. Then replace it with a new one that is sized to fit the opening, being sure to orient it so the airflow arrow is pointing in toward the ductwork.

Before closing the cover, vacuum or wipe off the grill that holds the filter in place.


  1. i change filters monthly, but what causes the mildew/mold or whatever in the air vents?
    is there anything that can prevent that? i know that there are companies that clean the duct work, but i do not remember this as a problem when i was younger.

  2. Wanted you to know about a new DIY product. You recommend wiping down the stamped metal grille to ensure a cleaner A/C system, but that’s a difficult job. Worth manufactures a wood louvered air grille that installs in minutes, paints the color of the wall and cleans in a flash. Coastal Living Magazine will use it in their 2008 Idea House. visit us at

  3. I am having this problem, my return air vent is getting a lot of cold air draft from the basement into are living room. Would the filter help this cold draft or is there any other solution to this problem.

  4. Changing air filters:
    I have one wall air exchange and two ceiling exchanges (one on each floor). I cannot tell which direction the air flows so the air filter directional arrows confuse me. Any simple knowledge I am missing?

  5. We’ve been living in our home for 12 years . We had our home built in 2005 from the ground. I would like to know , since our home did not come with return exchange filters , should I install them or was the furnace system designed not to use them ? We do not have central air. Thank you in advance for your reply..


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