This Incredible Spacer Fixes Flimsy Wall Plates

Not all Best New Products have to be flashy and glamorous. The Raco Wall Plate Spacer is a simple product that solves a common problem.

In fact, on a daily basis, you won’t even see this item — but it sure gets the job done! And you’ll be glad you purchased it.

Recessed outlets look like they’re sinking into the wall and can make wall plates flimsy.

‘Why Is My Wall Plate So Flimsy?’

When you touch the wall plate on your light switch or electrical outlet, is it flimsy like a paper plate? Do the outlets and switches seem to sink into the wall? 

If so, you’re not alone. This flimsy feeling is a common sensation — and unsightly appearance — for many homeowners.

So, what’s the problem? The electrical box is too far back from the wall, and now, there’s too much room between the wall plate and box.

Fortunately, there’s a solution.

The Raco Wall Plate Spacer keeps your outlets and light switches flush with the wall.

Filling The Spare Space

The Raco Wall Plate Spacer is a product you may never have known you needed. It fills space between the outlet and drywall and keeps your wall plates from sinking in when you plug something in them.

The spacer uses FLUSH-FIT technology, an innovative design that helps to easily repair electrical outlets recessed too far into the wall. Just place the FLUSH-FIT bracket between your electrical box and wall plate, so your plate is flush with the drywall and stays put. 

The spacer works with all devices — switches, receptacles, and AFCI or GFCIs. Plus, they come in three-packs, so you will have extras if you notice any other outlets or switches sinking.

The Raco Wall Plate Spacer can be installed in minutes — and look at the difference!

Fast and Easy Installation

Anyone can install the Raco Wall Plate Spacer; you don’t need special tools, either.

First, cut off the power at the circuit breaker and unscrew your outlet or switch. Just loosen it up — you don’t have to remove it.

Then, clip the spacer behind the switch or outlet and screw in the outlet or switch to tighten it down to the drywall.

Finally, replace your wall plate, and voila! You’ll instantly notice the difference.

Your wall plate will be smooth and level with your drywall and also with the switch or outlet.

For more information on the Raco Wall Plate Spacer, click here.

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